Late night shows - Tesla comments!

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Here are a couple of Tesla mentions:

Late show with Stephen Colbert:

Chelsea Peretti on Late Late show with James Cordon mentioned the band leader doing ludacris mode with her in the car. (I cannot find the video)


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    Stephen Colbert owns a Tesla too!
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    As does Maine's Steven King! And Reggie Watts from Late Late Show with James Cordon!
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    Jaden Smith-Model X
    Steven Spielberg-Model S
    Jay Z-Model S
    Ben Affleck-Model S
    Cameron Diaz-Model S
    Will Smith-Model S
    Morgan Freeman-Model S
    Jennifer Garner-Model S
    Matt Damon-Tesla Roadster
    James Cameron-Model S
    Seth Green-Model S
    Mark Ruffalo-Model S
    Anthony Bourdain-Model S
    Jeremy Renner-Model S
    Zooey Deschanel- Model S
    Steve Wozniak -MODEL X
    Stephen Colbert-Model S
    Simon Cowell-Model S
    George Clooney-Tesla Roadster
    James Hetfield-Model S
    Demi Moore-Model S
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    Anthony Bourdain does not drive a Model S. :-(
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    Bourdain had a great show but I thought he was drinking too much. Alcohol is a depressant. A sad loss.
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    Bourdain doesnt drive anything, he is dead
  • The show is extremely great. I enjoy time here much
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