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I recently watched an interview, not that I follow much Telsa stuff or even have one and Elon mentioned thrusters. Anyway I can't seem to find anything on how they work but people assume they are going to be used like a rocket or one old thread on here said for downward traction(even I considered that) but I'm wondering if they will be used for weight transfer. Basically provide/help lift where needed and not be unsightly like other ideas would be. Whether it's to stop body roll or help breaking & accel I'm interested if anything has been revealed yet?


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    Actually I'm wondering if it is some kind of pneumatic ram setup, course it would need to be somewhat independent of the suspension. This would muffle it a bit and you wouldn't want burst into open air that could blow debris or cause harm to anyone standing close as you launch.
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    blast not burst
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    There are many ways they could use thrusters. Some of them will be legal, others probably not. They can simply shoot air out the back for acceleration. They can point upwards for increased rolling resistance/downforce. Or they can accelerate the air underneath the car to enhance the venturi effect and generate more downforce by sucking the car to the ground.
    When he says the car will be able to hover like the Dolorean, then that last option seems to be in the right direction of thinking. However, you down't want to drive behind that, 'cause it will catapult rock chips and pebbles from the road into your car.
    Only time will tell what they actually come up with that is legal (and even then maybe only in the US and not outside, like some of the AP features now.
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    The lack of info on this and pretty much every feature and future option of the roaster is definitely a bit frustrating having $50k tied up waiting for something we really know very little about. Obviously just the performance and range estimates alone did it but I also worry a bit about laying down $200k for a initial version that will most likely be updated and improved soon after as all other models were. Looking back at past “founders series” and all initial roll out production vehicles now, they are the least desirable versions.
  • What about something a little more practical for a roadster. I’m guessing the “thruster” mode will be the next level beyond ludicrous+ and be a supercapacitor dump to the motors. Didnt they just buy a supercap company? How else could you dump more amps to the motors without stressing the battery? If you think the roadster is fast (which it is), then enabling thruster mode would literally be like getting shot out of a cannon. Some may pass out due to the G forces.
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    @boot327 My best understanding is thrusters are used to apply forces to accelerate, decelerate and steer the car. That way you could make the car go, stop and turn faster without needing help from the frictional force of tires which is the ultimate limitation of all performance cars. Elon mentioned the car could literally fly. I'm sure it will not be in the base model and likely a very expensive option. This will also make all conventional super/hyper cars obsolete imo.

    @eric606 Just cancel your reservation if you have any doubts. It's purely your own decision wanting to be an early adaptor and be among the first to own the latest and greatest. There are people who do that but a lot more people never want to do it.
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    Definitely will hover like in the Back to the future movie.
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    Just ordered one to check this:)
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    Pretty sure this will be an option that requires a pilot license.
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