Too cold for wall connector?

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I have a generation 2 wall connector, with the 24' cable, mounted on the west side of my house in Ontario, Canada. We have had extremely cold weather for ~ a week and I'm sure with windchill we were colder than -30C at times. My Model S failed to charge multiple times and I got error messages ranging from ground fault, charge cable fault, no wall power, check power source. The car would start to charge with the green light scrolling and then a blinking red light or no light. The trouble shooting of resetting and flipping the breaker did not work. Luckily I have been able to use Superchargers in the meantime.

I have spoken to Tesla support (a mobile unit team will be contacting me within the next 4 days) and my Tesla approved electrician that did the install. Since then, we have warmed up and the charger seems to be working again.

Has anyone else had issues during a deep freeze with their charger not working?

Has anyone designed a cabinet/enclosure for their charger (other than a garage)?

Can anyone recommend a contractor for building an enclosure or garage??


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    Doesn't seem right to me, hopefully service can sort it out. Note that when the battery is below freezing, it will not charge until it is headed up. Tesla takes care of this automatically, but your description sounds like a different issue.

    Another thing to do is if the problem reoccurs, hop in the car and select voice and say "Bug report - wall connector problem". That will save a log of all the information while it is occuring. The Tesla techs may be able to get a better picture of the issue.
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    Here in Winnipeg it went to -40C last week. My outdoor wall connector worked fine.
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    ok thanks. good tip on the bug report; when i spoke to support they can only see last 24 h of error log. battery and car were warm when problem occurred the first time. Car is still fully charged and port is green on app. please keep the feedback coming. i will update post after mobile unit visits.
    wishful thinking that it was weather related..
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    Windchill doesn’t lower the temperature…just saying.
  • @mykittypad what happened after mobile visit? I'm getting the same problems as you, now.
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