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    @baldwin Thanks - I appreciate the understanding and kind words. Its not going to bother me any more. I've made my peace with it. I'm good for another 2 months at least before I lash out again. Lets just hope that the car gets fixed before that happen again :)
  • edited February 2019 My thoughts were exactly the same as yours when I first found out what happened. So i did extensive research on the issue myself. Found out that there has been instances where people thought the car accelerated at its own. There is a MX, I believe a toyota and a Lexus in early 90's and 2000's with that issue. And for each of the issue, investigators were able to rule out any thing automated that caused it. I believe in one instance it was the incorrect paddle press, in one instance it was the rubber mat somehow involved and I don't remember the last one.
    But the reason I started believing my wife's story was when in the surveillance video, one can see that my wife was reversing into a parking spot when the car suddenly accelerated forward, across the parking lot, climbs up the little curb with grass on it and into the concrete pillar and the wall. Now in the video, one can see that the brake lights are on throughout the time, tire marks leading up to the little grassy curb and then on the grass. Unfortunately, they can't release the video and its their company's property. But if an investigation was to begin, they will share it. Therefore, I wrote a long email to Tesla, explaining the situation and asking them if they can pull the records of my car, the only thing I found out is that they don't delete the records and they can be retrieved once the car is fixed and goes to the service center for configuration. I really hope that the whole accident is a user error, otherwise I don't think my wife will ever trust an autonomous vehicle again.
    I hope once we have the logs we will have a better insight into what happened. I will share the results of course!
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    @hudgygarnier I like your approach - and that's what I thought as well. So here is how my interaction went with the Tesla service center guy the day after the accident when i called to send the car over.

    December 6th, 8:30am.

    Tesla Rep: Thank you for calling Tyco road Tesla, how may I help you?

    Me: Good Morning, My name is Muhammad Malik and I'm calling to get the address for your location so I can send my car over to you guys for repairs. My wife was in an accident yesterday, the car has major damage in front and is not derivable - two of the air bags are also deployed. Now cops have removed the car from the site and it is currently at a tow yard. The tow guys just called me and are asking for the address to deliver the car. I'm also on my way right now to your service center, in case you need me to be in person there for any reason.

    Tesla Rep: Well, Mr Malik, we are a service center and we do not fix any body issues at our facility. We only take care of the minor items here. (he didn't even bother to say if everyone in the car was ok or anything like

    Me: But you are a Tesla service center right? I remember visiting your facility when you guys were trying to sell us the MS.

    Tesla Rep: Yes Mr Malik. However we only work on the smaller issues on the car. Your car will need to go to one of our authorized body shops for repairs.

    Me: But you are a service center... Never mind! Please give me the address to the body shop so I can give that to the tow company to send my car over.

    Tesla Rep: You can go online to\something something) and then put your zip code and it will show you the closest service center to your location. You can then call that service center to make sure they will accept your vehicle. Sometime they may give you an appointment for 2 to 3 weeks from the date.

    Me: (frustrated at this point due to lack of professionalism from this guy and no regards or sympathy on my situation) Chris, why don't YOU go online, look up my zip code and give me the address where I can send my car. If you are not able to do that, i'll tell the tow company to drop the car in front of your dealership and leave the keys on the roof. You guys should then be able to figure it out.

    Tesla Rep: Paused for a second. Whats your zip code Mr Malik.

    Me: 22102

    (I can hear tesla rep typing it on the keyboard) Brief pause...

    Tesla Rep: Mr Malik, Falls Church Auto Body shop is the closest one to your location. Please go ahead and send your car there and they will take care of it.

    Me: Thank you!
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    Good to hear that no one is hurt. I have a similar situation and it took me from Feb to May to get the car back. My Tesla approved shop is a very good shop and they are on the ball constantly, yet waiting for the part will be unavoidable.
    I found sometime it help to get the list of the part on order from the shop and then contact your local Tesla service center, ask for the part manager person, and they will help you track to see what is going on. Give them your VIN number and they will know what part is on order and expected delivery date.
    More importantly, be patient and you will be driving quietly in no time (well... 3 months)
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    @S75RedRidingHood That's a good advice. So when I try again to go to the service center, i'll ask for the parts manager and give them the VIN. And if he can share any details of the anticipated delivery dates, that will be awesome. I can then at least tell the body shop folks when to expect the parts and will have some kind of overall timeline for repairs.
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    If the shop is not to far away, come there in person and ask to talk to the part manager. Just keep in mind that there is nothing anyone could do right now to speed up the process; however if they have any information about the parts they will be more than happy to inform you.
    I remember there was one rare part that took the shop and Tesla a while to just locating it; this part manager helped us locate the part and escalate the order too. If they can do anything to help at service center, they will.
    After all, this is just an accident and it is really no one fault about the part delay. You just happen to own a great car that Tesla can't make them fast enough and hence the part shortage :(
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    @muhammadfm123 We have a Model X that suffered minor hail damage last June and we've been waiting on a hood ever since. The Tesla Authorized body shop says they simply can't get a hood from Tesla. They said that it shows up as 'in stock' on whatever system they use to order, but they get no tracking or ETA. When I call Tesla (with a typical hold time of ~30 min), they tell me to deal with the body shop. Meanwhile it's been well over 200 days that we've been waiting for a freaking hood. Silver lining (I guess) is that the damage is minor and the car is driveable. However the customer service and support from Tesla has been absolutely atrocious. I wish you the best, brother, and I'm glad no one was injured in the crash.
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    @S75RedRidingHood I finally went to service center day before yesterday and was told by the people there that they cannot track the order and only the shop that ordered the parts can track it. They did however, gave me a couple of email addresses and said that I should send an email to the body shop and copy those emails and they will help the body shop source any parts which they may be having difficulty finding.
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    Next, I spoke about retrieving the accident log (i finally received the email from Tesla about my request of log retrieval and they told me to take it to the closest service center and they will be able to do so). The service center person told me that they do not retrieve the logs there and for that I would have to email [email protected] - so thats that.
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    @T34Bravo I appreciate the kind words and can sympathize with the inexcusable wait time for the hood. In a few months, your 1st year anniversary should be coming up. We should plan something big for that. In my case, I’ve stopped getting worried about it and I just now think I have 4 vehicles instead of 5. However, I can see in your case you must be getting a constant reminder of this lousy customer service every time you look at your MX. Don’t take me wrong, I love the Tesla vehicles, but hate the customer service.
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    Now towards the good news...
    I called the body shop yesterday to get an email address to introduce them to the Tesla service center who may be able to help source some parts. Found out that the parts for my MS arrived just a day ago. The guy who I was speaking with, told me exactly which parts are received and what is it that they are missing. He said he was assigned at my car when the parts arrived so he knows exactly what is received vs what is missing. He said they have received everything (even the hood ;-) - [email protected]) and are only missing a mirror and a couple of brackets. They will now disassemble the car, create a final estimate and share the details with me. He didn't provide me with any timeline but I am not getting my hope high. I still think it will take at least 6 more weeks if not longer. Fingers crossed!
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    Another update - Just spoke with the body shop a few minutes ago. They are working on my MS as I write this message. So hopefully today or tomorrow I'll know if they are missing anything else and may be some kind of timeline.
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    I’m glad things are finally going for you Muhammad. To clarify, they are correct. The service centers don’t work on body damage. I live in Northern California so the only actual Tesla body shop is in San Jose and it is literally called the Tesla body repair center. It’s funny because when you drive towards it, it resembles a Tesla graveyard! But they are the ones that have all parts in house. Though I’m not sure my insurance company appreciated that I went to them as Tesla’s labor costs was literally more expensive than the repairs itself ~95$/hr, but this was the fastest way to get my car back and I’m paying so much to insure my baby, so they’ll have to get over it.
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    $95/hr at the body shop sounds like a bargin in norcal. The Tesla shop rate is $175/hr.
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    I just got my car back today for not complicated work. I dropped in off on Dec 12th, after already having waited for a month for the body shop to schedule it in. 2 months. The body shop blamed in on Tesla parts, so I call tesla and in no way shape or form was it Tesla. It was the body shop blaming Tesla. The Tesla reps in the body shop department gave me very detailed information on when the body shop ordered parts and when they shipped. It still took a month after that for my car to get fixed. This was at Artistic body in Tigard, OR.
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    So I went to the body shop yesterday. They said that the car is in now finally in the 'body shop'. Lol. Apparently it was just sitting in their storage lot until the parts arrived. They are saying they now have all the parts and it will now take between 20 - 30 days for the car to be ready. I didn't ask them for the labor rate (something I'll ask them next time and share. My car is at Falls Church Auto Body in Falls Church VA.
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    Thanks for the update.
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    I wish I had known about the issues with Tesla parts before I purchased my Model S. My wife had a deer run into her car causing minor body damage to the right front quarter panel. We waited until the parts had come in before we took the car into the body shop but it turns out there was damage to the front headlight that was not noticed when they ordered the parts. So now I have been waiting for four weeks for a headlight and Tesla cannot even get me an estimate when they will ship the parts.

    Without a spare parts program it is clear Tesla is not a real car company and while I think the car is great I regret ever purchasing one. I would like to find a way to let others considering purchasing one of these cars what they will face should there be even minor damage to the car. Perhaps if people stop purchasing these cars they will find a way to fix their parts problem.

    Since I am retired perhaps I can stand outside the Tesla showroom in Scottsdale and let everyone know what they face.
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    @snscore I understand your frustration and I wish there is something I can say that can ease your pain.

    Back in july 2018, one of the day light running light in passenger headlight started turning yellow on my MS and they gave me the appointment for 3 weeks from the date before they could bring me in and replace it (at this point, the car was only 1 month old and less than a 1000 miles on it).

    Next, in August, my MS refused to let me in and I ended up calling the service center to help me get in my car. They told me they have appointment available 3 weeks from the date, that is where I lost it and I told them that I'll have this car towed and delivered in front of the dealership and start an add campaign right in front of the dealership notifying people about the long wait time and poor customer service. That kinda worked and they sent a mobile technician within an hour to replace the key fob and re aligned the driver seat (which was giving me issues).

    All I say, snscore, they are good vehicles but their parts and service departments needs a lot of catching up to do. The company seems to be focused entirely on production of new vehicle and the rest of the areas are suffering because of that.
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    These nuclear options such as starting a scene or selling the car are likely to be time consuming, ineffective, and damaging financially. Parts lists are on line. Members are on various forms to help. eBay for used parts to get you on the road until new parts arrive. YouTube for how to replace same.

    I am not excusing such behavior by Tesla SC and parts depts. It is a huge problem that I see no excuse for. I assume that all affected have emailed thier concerns and used the escalte to management option.

    If so, then I would suggest taking matters into you own hands as described above.
  • Time for another update:
    The body shop has now finally dis-assembled the car (now that the parts are at the shop). Turns out, there was more damage and now they need to order more parts. The estimate went from 16K to 32.5K now. Now the Geico has to come out again and look at the damage and authorize repairs. They are saying there is a probability that the car might be totaled. I've been calling Geico to provide update for a week now, but still waiting for their decision on the car. I would not want to have the car totaled since we don't have GAP on the car and i'm pretty sure, if the car gets totaled, i will have to pay 10 - 15k out of pocket.

    Question for the group:
    1. When we bought the car, Chase never offered the GAP and honestly, we didn't even think of it? Is there anything different for electric vehicle and that is why they didn't offer? Thoughts?

    2. Our MS is 2018 10500 miles, 75D, grey with tan interior, sub zero + enhanced audio package and we live in Virginia (20166). With this information, can someone advise if we are looking at the vehicle getting totaled ?

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    @muhammadfm123 -
    “Question for the group:
    1. When we bought the car, Chase never offered the GAP and honestly, we didn't even think of it? Is there anything different for electric vehicle and that is why they didn't offer? Thoughts?”

    Nothing unique about electric vehicle or Tesla that would prohibit offering GAP. Alliant Credit Union was the Tesla recommended finance partner when I bought my MS back in mid 2016 and they offered GAP insurance to me.
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    Glad your family is doing good , I myself am waiting for a wiper motor and steering bulletin part and I just got the car 3 weeks ago lol and they said they will let me know when they get the parts. I have an infinity that gets picked up a loaner is given and they pick up the loaner and drop off my original SUV for any issue maybe something tesla should consider.
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    I have not yet scrolled through these posts but I will next. But not wanting to be redundant, I am curious to the value of essentially new Tesla parts from a 2019 Model 3 LR AWD ordered mid-April this year. It crashed August 14th. How do I get in touch with the guys who convert classic ICE to EVs. My 2019 Tesla Model 3 that was totaled last month at 1000 miles when I was driven off the road & took out a light pole in dead center of the car.... Insurance is dragging its feet in reimbursement. I have the full title... What is the value? Every part worked fine. Frame, glass, & aluminum body are not fine. DM me for pics.
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