18,000 km, 3-4 months, Pan-European trip in a Model S 100D coming up

My wife and I are starting from Le Havre, France (Normandy) this Saturday on a major Pan-European trip in our new Model S 100D. First we're heading South until the South of Spain (via Portugal), then Italy and around until Croatia, then North up to Finland and back via Norway or Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and France. Total some 18K km, 3-4 months.

The plan is NOT to have a plan. We're documenting each day, using TeslaFi, photos, maps, costs and issues. You can follow the trip by following us here:

Suggestions, hints etc are more then welcome


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    Very cool! In college I did the Eurotrip. 3500km on a bike. Now, you have me thinking about how I could do it again in a car!
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    Yeah, thanks. We're quite stoked. After a false start, we're ready for tomorrow. It's going to be an interesting experience, particularly when you are a bit far away from Tesla chargers, since in Europe you have to deal with 100's of independent charging network, each with their cards, subscriptions and payments - impossible to have so many different cards; ChargeMap and a few others are trying, but still it's an enormous challenge...
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