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Extending powerwall 1 to include powerwall 2 (is it possible)

I have an original powerwall (Powerwall one I guess). This has worked well. I was told when we purchased this powerwall that we could extend the powerwall with more units at any time. A logical consideration in buying the unit in the first place and was the clincher for us. We wish to extend our powerwall however, we have been told by our installers that this is not possible as the powerwall 1 is not in anyway compatible with the new powerwall 2's. (There are no powerwall 1s left). I am aware that the originals are DC and the PW2's are AC. Has anyone managed to achieve an integration of existing powerwall 1 with powerwall 2 in their homes. I find it quite perplexing that Tesla would not have a solution to this knowing that, in not having such a solution would be ostracizing an existing client base who are early adopters and large part of the reason for the success of the product (financially speaking). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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