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Tesla is slow in getting back to me regarding solar quote

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We are in the SF bay area, owned two Teslas, want to install solar and naturally want to stay with Tesla. Sent first request to Tesla for a solar quote almost 4 weeks ago. Then sent second request two weeks ago, and still have not heard from Tesla, not a phone call or email. Getting frustrated, so yesterday afternoon, went to EnergySage website, signed up and requested quotes (without site visit). This morning, 4 quotes came in. I really want to stay with Tesla, but I have no way of knowing when they will get back to me. I guess I can try to visit the SvC and see if someone can help me, but at this point, I will likely just go with an independent dealer. Any suggestions from forum members?


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    I never had the issue you are dealing with as everytime I emailed Tesla they responded very quickly. Not sure why they are not responding as you would think that they would want your business. it was a smart move to go to EnergySage though. Maybe trying going to a Service Center or showroom and see if they can help. From what I understand, starting February 1, 2019 they shook up their structure. The rep who came to my house and who I was speaking to is no longer handling my project. He informed me that now I will be dealing with someone over the phone and she is located in Nevada. I was a little nervous at first because I like to be able to see people face to face, but so far so good. Again, try going into their Service Center and give it a week and see what happens. If you don't hear from them, that they can take a hike and going with someone else.
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    Thank you Pkalhan for you comment. After reading your commemt, I call Tesla. Talked to an energy specialist, and after prividing a bunch of information, receive a non-specific quote. No hardware specs, just ball park $ amount. The ball park numbers are $0.6 / watt higher than the lowest quote I have received so far. A real quote must be after site survey and engineering. I guess I will invite serveral dealers and Tesla to do site survey and go from there.
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    I’m also not getting any response from Tesla. I live in the Bay Area and Tesla customer since 2013 (S & X). I signed up on the same day the sales rep came to my house. My project was transferred to someone in Las Vegas. The contact she sent me had some mistakes. I asked her to revise the contract. It’s been two weeks they haven’t responded. Even though Tesla’s quote was higher, I wanted to go with Tesla because I’m a huge fan of both Tesla and Elon Musk. I’m now thinking about going with another local company. It’s pretty sad that the management has no idea what goes on at the lower level.
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    @tigerkc, that sounds about right. When the rep came to my house and gave me a rough idea on the size system that would work for me, he also gave me a price for that system based on my electric bill and the fact that I got a Model 3. After the site survey, the design came back with a bigger system and a price adjustment to reflect the size increase. I was fine with that. They can't really provide you with something solid until the site survey.

    If you feel they are dragging their feet or pulling your chain, I would go with someone else. Right now, for me, it is kinda quiet because I am at the stage where they are getting permits and talking to my city and electric company so this part has nothing to do with me.

    Once you agree to the design they provide you (you can also ask for changes so you are not stuck with what they provide you), they will drop like 6 to 7 documents in your Tesla account which you will have to e-sign. After that is when they start getting the permits which can take 1 to 5 weeks.

    Hang in there and go with whoever you think is best for you, whether its Tesla or a local company.
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