Question regarding buying a used Tesla from a dealer

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I want to buy a Model S, and have been camping the CPO inventory for a few weeks, now. While waiting for the right one to pop up, I decided to check private parties and dealers and noticed a stark difference between price. Similar models with similar miles are more than $10,000 cheaper when not buying through Tesla. This has be wondering why.

I understand you get the free supercharging as well as the CPO warranty, but beyond that, I'm not aware of any perks buying CPO offers over going dealer/third party. I've called Tesla and asked, and I've found the phone agents to be less than reliable with the information they're giving. Crowdsourcing information tends to be a good reality check, so I wanted to ask the knowledgeable people who visit these forums: Makes, models, miles, condition, and owner/usage history being equal, why would you not want to buy from a third party?

Any help is appreciated.


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    Ok, so there is a lot to unpack here.

    Not all CPOs have free unlimited supercharging. Tesla ended FUSC a year ago.

    Not all cars sold in the used car section of Tesla’s site are CPOs that come with a 4yr/50K warranty.

    When you say “dealer” do you mean a Tesla store?

    Third party would be a used car lot. I would avoid getting a Tesla through a used car lot, unless you take along with you, an existing Tesla owner. Regular sales people don’t know what they are talking about.

    If you don’t buy from Tesla, I would buy from a private owner.

    The price difference is simply because with getting the car from Tesla, there is assurance that the car has been looked over and it will also make it easier/faster to get your account set up and have the car in the system with your name.
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    Free supercharging doesn’t depend on where you buy the car, so that’s not a perk you get when you buy from Tesla. If the car has free unlimited supercharging for life, you get it no matter what.
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    So what I'm hearing is there's no real perk to buying CPO aside from some assurances? In certain cases, you might get an extra warranty and free supercharging, but beyond that, it's peace of mind?
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    John- one perk buying from Tesla is they know what the car has. I’ve seen mis-advertised used Model Ss more than once.

    I used to find the exact car I wanted. If you pay for a month’s worth of updates you’ll see that Tesla’s cars drop $500 or so every few days. Some go up!?! Some get re-listed.

    Keep in mind you might benefit from going to where the car is to pick it up and save a few $$. Taxes on vehicle sales very a lot, and some places you pay tax only on the difference between a trade in and the purchase price. Something like that.

    FWIW it was NOT my experience that 3rd party dealers in Phoenix were selling used Model Ss for less than Tesla sold similar cars for.

    Also- has a few worth checking out.
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    @johnszac: No, you won't get free supercharging as a perk. See my previous comment.
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    Forgot to mention- There are no more CPOs, only PreOwned. 70 point inspection but you won’t know what that means because they don’t tell you.
  • I'm also looking for a used Telsa, MX. The Tesla-sold ones come with a 4yr/50k warranty on top of what's left from the original warranty. For the MX that's like $5k. Trying to buy from Tesla through their used inventory has been tough though - the pictures are terrible and you have to buy the car site-unseen. Good luck!
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    I purchased my 2017 Tesla Model S from a used car dealer. It was $10k cheaper than what was listed for used inventory on the Tesla website. I did a lot of research before looking (e.g., check to ensure manufacture date was after Aug 2017 to get latest AP HW) so I knew what I was looking for. Dealer really had no clue on features and I found myself telling him about the car. Getting access to the mobile app took several weeks...suspect if I had purchased through Tesla, that might have gone smoother. Being able to look the car over, test drive it, and save money in the end, I found it well worth it. If the car had been older, I might have gone through the CPO route for piece of mind.
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    "The Tesla-sold ones come with a 4yr/50k warranty on top of what's left from the original warranty."

    Are you sure about that? Or does the 4 year, 50,000 mile (starting from purchase) warranty replace the original warranty?

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    Yodrak, the CPOs come with a 4yr/50,000 warranty from the time/mileage point that one takes delivery. That was at least when they first came out Wight he CPO program. Keep in mind some cars in the used car inventory were eligible to be CPOs and get that warranty, but others only got 2 yr/remaining mileage of the original 50,000. Everything is in a seemingly constant flux.....
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    "Yodrak, the CPOs come with a 4yr/50,000 warranty from the time/mileage point that one takes delivery."

    That's what I thought, thanks for confirming.
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    No CPOs anymore.

    Can’t stress that enough.

    Also- the Previously Owned 2016 90D I just bought from Tesla only came with 2 years, 100k warranty. Higher milage cars get less of a warranty. They also are more affordable, so that’s the trade off.
  • @williamsc I bought a pre-owned X from a third party dealer and have to wait to get my Texas license plates/registration before I can even submit a "transfer of ownership" request to Tesla for access to the app. I tried submitting drivers license, copy of application for title and bill of sale, but they said they must have registration document. It will be roughly 6 weeks before I get that! Any guidance based on your experience?
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    How long until used model 3 is $30k?
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    @andy - when one is Totaled? Actually with Tesla RoboTaxi and FSD creating $100K+ in value per car, it may be the rare mispriced 3 that gets down that low.
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    How costly could it get to buy a used Tesla from a used dealership with no warranty? Are Tesla services really expensive?
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    Any thoughts about buying a used model s that was a rental?
    2018 75D, 10,000 miles.
    Sure they weren't cared for miles, but how bad could it be at 10,000 miles? Mine has 42,000 miles and still drives brand new.
    My biggest concern is they'd always be charging it to 100%.
    Any other major concerns I should think of?
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    Agonz73, Tesla recently updated their service recommendations and there are next to services needed. Rotate tires every 10K, every two years have the cabin air filter changed, brake fluid checked for contamination and if driving a Models S, have the AC serviced.
  • I searched autoTrader and found the most used Tesla’s from dealers at MotorCloud.

    Http:// www.
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    I too searched the Tesla inventory and car sites. I did not see a lot of Teslas for sale from dealers that were priced BELOW Tesla. And, considering that repair co$ts can be more than Mercedes or Porsche, a warranty is VERY IMPORTANT. Supercharging 'for life' is also a nice perk - if you travel or have one nearby. I did the math, and charging a Tesla at my home overnight is equivalent to baking two cakes and a roast. Doing that twice or three times a month is MUCH less than gas. But I digress....

    Buying a Tesla from a private party here in PHX is problematic. I've run into people who think they should get every penny a new one costs, and some that are just playing games. One guy sold a MS 75 that had a salvage title from Vermont, and he'd not licensed it here in Arizona. Getting registered ain't easy - or cheap - in Arizona.

    It took me four months to conclude that a new Tesla is a really good deal, compared to Lexus, Audi, Jaguar, VW, and even a pickup truck because of the warranty and the service. I'm waiting for my serial number.
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    Enterprise sells rental 75Ds. I think these are special fleet cars.
  • I searched autoTrader and found the most used Tesla’s from dealers at MotorCloud.

    Http:// www.
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