Model 3

Firmware Build v9.0 2019.5.2 c21b3a5

I am a little confused about this firmware update and this one (Firmware Build v9.0 2019.5.1 08f5774), what is the major difference? Can anyone confirm?


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    There likely are no major differences -- just bug fixes or possibly tweaks for car versions (performance, S/X/3 differences, etc). Not every car will get every update.
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    Because someone reported that the 2019.5.1 Blindspot warning chime has no sound, not sure if this build will fix that.
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    My wife's M3 got 2019.5.1 yesterday, and 2019.5.3 just now. They must have found a bug they needed to fix.

    Darn, my M3 nothing yet!
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    I can report that I received the update, my second on since Jan. 1 and I haven't had a wifi connection since December 27. Also, there is a bright flashing light and a loud chime for the blind spot warning.
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    I haven’t received anything, they said it will take a week.
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    I haven't received the firmware build v9.0 2019.5.X notification. Is there a process/order in who gets the software updates first? My current version 2018.50.6.4ec03ed that I had freezes the screen now and then.
  • Does it say your under a confidentiality agreement.? Are you a beta tester for the software?
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    The blind spot warning chime will only sound if you try to change lanes with a car next to you, not every time a car is in your blind spot (which would be annoying). I’m not sure the person reporting the chime not working knew that (I’m not sure they didn’t know either).
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    2019.5.2 c21b3a5 isn't a general release. :)
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