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I was wondering what anyone might think about the idea of having Tesla and Bloom Energy teaming up to place a Bloom box in the Tesla for Charging.

Here is my angle...

I am a single male, with a professional career. I am not yet looking to buy a house until about 5 years down the road. MEANING, If I buy a Model S, finding a place to charge it may be a problem. I prefer the city life at the moment anyhow. So parking is limited and even then, there are no outlets hanging around the parking lot.


So I was wondering the thoughts of Tesla motors designing a version of the Model S that incorporates the Bloom Box Fuel Cell (also based in CA).

This would be ENORMOUS!! It would have HUGE market potential. The fuel cell would charge the batteries on the Tesla with no pollution. Then it could help both the economy and the existing gasoline infrastructure by making everyone convert to ethanol or hydrogen...even Natural Gas.

This way the Telsa can still stay Green and All electric powered. But for those of us who are willing to buy a Model S and merely live in a town home with no garage we are out of luck with out such an option.

What do you think?


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    Sorry femitomobi, I don't agree with your idea purely from a market perspective.

    I seriously doubt that more than 1 or 2 percent of the S car's (current) total marketplace are people who do not own their own home or condo.

    This might change once the product has matured for a few years, but I doubt it would change much...just my opinion.

    I'll not comment about the science behind your idea as I'm not qualified to do so.
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    Exactly!!....with such a wonderful price limits itself in the market because you practically need a house with a garage to own one.

    It could EASILY double in market share if it was feasible to non-garage owners.

    I live in Washington DC. It would not be feasible for me to buy one and live in such a city. Although myself and a couple of buddies of mine are in love with the Model S, its not feasible. Being a social hub that most cities are, it would gain demand and market share pretty fast. I dont see any real plans for charging stations in DC.

    So as far as market penetration is concerned, I guess it is pretty limited to garage owners as I seriously doubt I will be running an extention cord from my townhome to the main road..

    I wonder if shareholders would agree.
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    I'm not sure that you're grasping my point.

    I highly doubt that TM would alter their corporate philosophy of "electric only" to accomodate a few prospects who will have a "where can I charge issue".

    As the overwhelming majority of S car prospects(like all upscale vehicle prospects) own their own homes / condos, a major refit of the S car to accomodate a tiny segment of their marketplace seems unlikely.

    As the EV market matures, more public charging stations will appear...I'm sure apartment complexs will have to address this issue as well.

    I'm sure others here can offer opinions about the science of the fuel cell's suitability for the S car.
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    I suppose.

    I guess the only catalyst that remains is to show cities (biggest car market) that charging ports along the sidewalks and parking lots are profitable...which would require some kind major retrofit to city sidewalks and some sort of financial transaction infrastructure with a plug in.

    I guess it can surely be done.

    Well, its a great car...I definately want one....but it obviously isnt for us city dwellers without a garage (at least for the next decade). Even still....its a pretty big market considering the amount of garages there are.

    Heck, maybe Tesla can create a scheme to put EV stations everywhere.

    Sounds like another worthy project for good ole Elon Musk.
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    Fuel cells are inefficient and highly expensive. You can do that type of foolishness after market on your own.

    Most Condos and Apartment complexes have garages that you can rent for a little extra (of set by the price of fuel/electricity).

    If yours doesn't you have 2 years to find a complex/condo that does have a place to charge.
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    I read on their website that the Bloombox is the size of a refrigerator and that it uses natural gas ... "even solar". Why or how would a fuel cell use solar? But at the least you would need a fuel supply, which gives off CO2. It is not "no emmission". It is also $800K.
    Would it be easier to put a streetside charger (or plug) inside a locked box? All you would have to do is make sure your neighbors don't block your access, but in DC, that might be a problem. All the condos and apartments that I see around my area have designated parking, so I don't think you can say that ALL city dwellers would be out of the running for a Model S. I still hold that you should simply move to where you can park your car in a designated spot, and run your outlet or charger to that. If it is not important enough to you to do that, then you don't want a Model S anyway. Apartment owners may balk to do much, though, as apartment dwellers are just a little above transients, and a house and garage say something about being there long enough to pay for a charger at your space.
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