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After Pillar Repair

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So, after major rain and a tree falling on my S, there was driver side a-pillar damage (and the obvious hood) and miscellaneous damages. After letting insurance and body shop duking it out, then blaiming each other, and then the body shop claiming no parts while Tesla confirming in writing the body shop had the parts for months - all in a, a long story for another day - the car is finally done (considering the car has been in limbo status August 2017, I'm happy to finally have the car back!).

Now. Can anyone help me what I should look out for when I pick up the vehicle? Paint color obviously, but with the pillar damage, is there something else I need to check?

Not that I don't believe the body shop, well.

I kinda don't at this point. I'm sure they're ready to get me off their books. Any thoughts and ideas?


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    First of all, I commend your patience. My car has only been in shop for 3 months and I'm already restless. I would suggest get the delivery during the day time, it does not happen often but there have been instances where body shop was not able to match the color perfectly. Do not accept delivery unless you are fully satisfied with the job.
    A couple of things I noticed when i got my car's fixed in the past:

    - Sometime the paint was not 100% match. Was either too new or too dull. They body shop can make a perfect match. Stick to your grounds if you see this issue and they will match it.
    - Improper finishing - If a rush job is done or a paint job done incorrectly, you may also feel that the paint is not smooth to touch. Make sure it is.
    - I would also recommend to check for the hood lining - making sure the hood is sitting perfectly and it is not closer to headlight or fender from any side. Making sure that the distance b/w the hood and the rest of the body is consistent.
    - Of course, make sure that the car is now calibrated for driving etc.
    - You may have some updates waiting for you when get your car home, so I suggest put it on charge and let it do its thing.

    That is all I can think of right now, Hope this helps!

    Please keep us posted of the outcome.
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