2018 Charging station tax credit?

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Can anyone cite a reference as to whether there is a US Federal tax credit for a personal charging station installed in June, 2018?


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    The 30% federal tax credit for installing electric vehicle charging stations at your home or business expired at the end of 2017. This credit has been extended retroactively for the past several years via Congressional tax extender acts. AFAIK, Congress has yet to consider a tax extender act that would cover the 2018 tax year. I would not wait to file your 2018 tax return. In case Congress gets around to a tax extender act for 2018 that includes this tax credit, you can file an amended return to claim this credit. Be advised that this tax credit is offset (reduced) by any Alternative Minimum Tax if you owe AMT.
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    I have no reason to question your statement, and the absence of any contradicting statement, but is there a "public" document on the internet to reinforce your statement.

    TurboTax is sorta vague on this, and the instructions for the Form (8911?), on which any credit would be claimed, seem woefully out of date.
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    And thanks for a very clear statement of the state of affairs.
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    There is no public document from Congress or any other source that I am aware of stating something didn't happen.
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    That tax credit is claimed via IRS Form 8911. Here is the best source: "These lines are now shown as “Reserved for future use” in case Congress extends the credit for 2018."
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    Good news. A bill has just been introduced in the Senate that would extend this tax credit through 2019: Extender and Disaster Relief Act of 2019 Summary.pdf
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