Why Mars? Why not the moon?



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    Which is interesting given that, much like Mars, the Moon is just as irradiated, if not more so since it actually has even less of an atmosphere and gravity as well.

    For a baseline, on Earth the contribution to the annual terrestrial dose of natural ionizing radiation of 2.4 mSv ('millisieverts', which you might recall from our previous conversation on this subject in relation to Mars) by cosmic radiation is about 1/6, whereas the annual exposure caused by Galactic Cosmic Rays ('GCR', the slowly varying, highly energetic background source of energetic particles that constantly bombard the Earth) on the lunar surface is roughly 380 mSv (solar minimum) and 110 mSv (solar maximum) all day, every day.

    So, again, we'll need to be more intelligent and honest about what we have facing us and realistic about what we'll actually manage to accomplish given the status of the local environment because we don't want our future astronauts / adventurers to suffer the sort of consequences our brave pioneers did:

    Or worse.
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    Hey blue. Is your wife also ignoring your nonsense? I guess you are going to debate yourself.b You really are a whiny crybaby. Where did I ever compare radiation on Mars to the Moon?

    Anyway back to the topic. An interesting article on Mars vs the Moon
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    I'm trying to have an intelligent, mature conversation with you based on the empirical facts surrounding this issue yet you continue to belittle me with no real premise for your slurs, then you revert to calling me names which suggests that you are defensive and therefore find my opinion valid, all of which only serves to speak poorly of you, not me.

    (We're not the only ones privy to this conversation and everyone else can see you for what you are)

    You must have some sort of problem with comprehending what you read as I never said that you compared the two.

    I only presented the environmental status of the Moon, which shares several astrogeological similarities with Mars, by way of providing an additional reference for the conditions one can expect whenever we decide to go to Mars, nothing more.

    Even the linked NASA article in your reply said conditions for ancient life on Mars might have once been suitable and while there was no speculation to what sort of life that might've been, you can bet that it wasn't anything akin to any form of life as we know it with the one exception being that of microbial, if anything at all.

    All in all I was hoping that by presenting the empirical facts surrounding the proposition of putting people on back on the Moon, or sending them to Mars (let alone an excursion of any duration out into the void of Space itself) in a manner that did not require any sort of complex astrophysical engineering background, you'd be able to determine for yourself that (at least until we manage to come up with an effective means of protecting ourselves from all of the radiation) both the time and the money would be better spent being invested in cleaning up our planet.

    A conclusion I had hoped you'd be able to reach on your own after a review of the facts given your professed professional background ('doc'), but all you seem interested in is ignoring the truth in favor of arguing with people and I simply haven't the patience or tolerance required to entertain your idiocy any longer.

    Regrettably I guess that now I know why you're called "dodo".
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    @blue adept. Exactly what you accuse me of is your issue. You post multiple lengthy links. And indeed I appreciated many of them. However on certain topics you do not have the knowledge you profess. Instead of debating stuff in an an intelligent manner you are the one who gets obnoxious, misinterprets my statements and start attacking me on the misinterpretations and are pretty persistent. Personally I could not be bothered with folk like you and have withdrawn from trying to have any interesting discussion with you.
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    And now I hear you're claiming that you're a "scientist" of all things!

    DODO strikes again!!
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    You win. You beat me in name calling
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    I'm not calling you any names, I'm just agreeing with other's assessment of your intellectual aptitude after a fairly thorough exchange with you proved them out, DODO.
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    I like how much more effort being put into pointing out name calling than the discussion topic.
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    Just because i have to. Speaking of name calling:

    "SCCRENDO | February 19, 2020
    Hey blue. Is your wife also ignoring your nonsense? I guess you are going to debate yourself.b You really are a whiny crybaby."
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    Yeah, I think they realized their own ignorance early on and began calling me names all throughout our exchange, indicating that they became defensive because they realized / knew that I had exposed their incompetence for EVERYONE to see, in a futile attempt to derail the conversation.
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    I blame the underground cows
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    Those damn cows at it again with their belching and farting and moo-mooing....
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    I don't think the military industrial complex is going to be happy about the general public landing on Mars or the Moon. There are things there that the general public is not supposed to know about. Oh the long non-disclosure agreements they'd have to sign. See youtube videos of Dr. John Brandenburg and Richard Hoagland for details.
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    What "things" might that be?

    Regardless of whatever is or isn't there the military does not have any claims or rights to whatever might be on either planet despite whatever they might contend or have to say.
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