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I'm sold! - Your test drive experience

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Just want to start a thread about people who never drove EV before and did a Model 3 test drive to decide they want this car.

Here is my experience :

I don't have all the money yet to get the Model 3 as a single payment, but for my birthday last weekend, I decided to call Tesla for a test drive. They accepted and just wow! I read a lot of things about the Model 3 and watched a lot of videos, but when you are in, it's special. It's a car coming from the future. It's very quiet which make the driving experience less stressful compared to ICE cars. I was in Montreal, so we found a parking lot with LOT of ice. Even if the car was RWD, the car was really good at not spinning on the ice.

Was actually thinking about buying an hybrid first for my first car ever (now taking bus), but I think I will continue to make economy to get this car by the end of the year if all goes well.

What's your experience when you first test drive a Model 3 as a first EV?


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    "What's your experience when you first test drive a Model 3 as a first EV?"

    I just couldn't resist punching the go pedal and throwing me back in the seat. Now that I own one, I STILL can't resist. I haven't had this much fun in a car since I was a teenager! (^!^)
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    I test drove a Model X in mid-2017, and while it was a useful experience, the price point made it a non-starter.

    We bought our first Model 3 in late September of last year without test driving one. We could have, as we live in San José, which is sort of Ground Zero for Tesla. We bought a second Model 3 in mid-December. My wife and I still cannot resist punching the accelerator. Both are non-Performance LR AWD versions, which deliver plenty of acceleration for us.

    The reason why we bought a second Model 3 was because we needed to replace one of our ICE vehicles, and after buying our first one, my wife and I decided that we would not buy another ICE vehicle. The only compelling EV was still the Model 3.

    As an aside, I never would have thought that my favorite car would not only be an American-made one, but also one built in California.
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    I was sold when I first learned about the 3 during the spring of 2016. Made my final purchase payment in Dec of 2018 having never seen nor sat in a model 3 or driven any EV in my life. That is how sure I was of this car.
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    I never got the chance to test drive the Model 3 before I ordered it (based on the fantastic reviews it was getting). And I had never driven an EV before I left the Tesla parking lot with my dual motor M3. When I accelerated to get on the freeway I was completely stunned--I had never felt anything like it before. I've since had friends and family try it, and they say the same thing. It is a complete game-changer for most people.

    I understand people are worried that now that the initial demand and reservations for the M3 are over, the car will not sell as much. I don't buy it for one second. As the OP noted, people can now test drive the M3, and with more of us out there showing our friends and neighbors what it can do, I have to believe demand will continue to be strong once people get to feel what it is like.

    And ditto lunde--the last American-made car I bought was in 1985. Tesla is truly transformational for the auto industry in so many ways (and yet there are still several states that ban the sale of them!).
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    I'll answer the question you did not ask.

    1) I test drove and EV-1. I was seriously considering leasing one when GM killed it.
    2) I test drove the Leaf at touring test drive event. I liked it, but could not justify it based on how little I was driving at the time.
    3) I test drove the BMW i3 at a test drive event sponsored by my employer. Interesting, but once again, I did most of my commuting done by bicycle, so no sale.
    4) I test drove the M3, once again I was still doing most of my commuting was by bicycle. I was driving less than 4000 miles a year. So it really made no sense to purchase it.

    BUT it did not matter. I configured and ordered before I left. It blew my mind. I will be driving more miles this year.
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    I'd been following Tesla since 2010. When they initially announced the Model S w/ 300mi range and $50k starting prices, I was hooked. Around 2014, when I had enough money to buy one, my wife would have beaten me to death for buying a $70k+ car (largest car purchase had been $22k). When the Model 3 was announced, I immediately know Tesla wouldn't release it till 2018 and I didn't want to wait that long, but... the wife...
    Still, I put down a deposit. Got a test drive in 2017 from a nice dude on this forum. The wife went along for the ride. It was literally the best car I had ever driven, which may not be saying much, but still. Wife still thinks Tesla owners are a cult, and I've drank the Kool Aid, but its the best purchase I've ever made.
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    The first time I drove a Model 3 it was driving my own away from the Tesla store upon taking delivery. No one really needs to test drive these cars - but there are some anal types who complain about the ride, etc.... after buying them. Not many, but they all manage to post on here.....
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    Test drove a Model 3 yesterday - the experience was awesome. Didn't really expect to order one right away but the experience was so awesome that I anyway ordered one right away in the show room. They had a lot of them in stock and I could have gotten it within 2 days (that's apparently the time they need to prepare it for delivery) but of course they didn't have the config I decided on (Long Range AWD, red, black interior, EAP). I would have taken the pure white interior since the seats look & feel fantastic (especially with the red or blue car color), but I didn't like that the wood trim was replaced with a pure white trim instead. The red is just the most awesome red I can think of - at first I didn't like the idea of spending the extra $$ for it and was favoring the blue one, but seeing them next to each other I had to take the red. So they matched a car at another dealer in another state ... will have to wait now a week to take delivery.
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    We didn't expect to buy so fast but a test-drive sold us right away, we were just starting to look for a new car. PS- I like how ICE car means something different in Canada... where every car is covered in ice!
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    I owed a 2014 Volt so I was already used to the EV torque and zero latency acceleration. When I rented the a model 3 on Turo for a day prior to plunking down the cash I was struck by the power from 30 MPH on (my Volt ran out of steam at about 40 MPH), the zen-like interior and the view out front over the very low cowl.
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    I had never been in one until a friend in Texas took us for a spin three weeks ago. She floored the accelerator and I was immediately hooked. Test drove one the following week, and was double-hooked when I saw the EAP. Went back last weekend to make sure my golf clubs would fit in the trunk, and was triple-hooked when I saw they’d fit with room to spare. Hit the “Place Order” button 20 minutes later. It’s arriving tomorrow.
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    Congrats @wjhatley Enjoy!
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    I had admired the body styling of the S models I had seen with more and more frequency and I rode as a passenger in an M3 in December. Now an M3 LR AWD owner for two weeks and in love. My first drive was from my office where it was delivered to the detail and tint shop for my after market goodies. Easy Peasy.
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    Wasn't with the 3, which didn't exist, but our MS test drive (with my lovely bride) sold her. I was already smitten. :-)
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