School Science/STEM Electric Car Volunteers Needed - April in northeast PA

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I'm looking for volunteers to bring their cars for students to experience during school science and STEM days.

The location is northeast PA, specifically Forty Fort and Kingston.
April 5th is for grades 6-8.
April 12th is for grades 1-5.
April 26th is for the high school, grades 9-12.

Classes start at about 8AM and end at about 3PM.

I've done this for a few years now and I've had the support of a few dedicated owners. This is the grade school and high school I attended and when I bought my Model S five years ago I approached the science team with the proposal to let the students experience the car first hand and they jumped at the prospect. We've kept that tradition alive the last few years, adding the X and the sensor package cars that let us do summon demos. The students always appreciate the opportunity.

The day is broken up into about 50 minute segments, with each segment starting in the auditorium with me doing a short presentation about the car and the technology. We then move outside where the students experience the vehicles first-hand. This involves a bunch of getting in and out and usually the music app is the first to be discovered. So yes, you also wind up with a bunch of fingerprints on the MCU.

Volunteers are only on the hook to show up with their cars, but you are more than welcome to participate in the auditorium portion of each period.

I'm specifically hoping to get a few Model 3 and Model X volunteers. You do not need to be available all three days but we'll happily welcome you if you are. I'm also looking emphasize the "Women in STEM" theme, especially with the April 26th high school date so female owners are especially welcome that day.

The school generally provides snacks and lunch, but it's cafeteria food so don't expect catering.

Please contact me either by replying here, emailing [email protected] or calling me at 703.927.4569.

I can dig up a few of the links to prior event write-ups if anyone requires further prodding.

My regulars all say they have a good time and it's great to interact with the real beneficiaries of this new technology. please reach out if you're interested.



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    Its sound really good. I am very time to read your article. Thanks for sharing this with us. Keep it up.
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    This is the term and high school I joined and when I purchased the Model S five years ago I approached a team of scientists with the idea to have students experience their first car and fly. hopefully. I do have for her. The trend has been kept alive over the past few years, adding X and car package sensors that allow us to design demos. Students always appreciate the benefits.
  • Hi,
    "Tesla system" is quite simple battery + power electronics module + AC electric motor. There are plenty of suppliers for those and also cheaper.

    Tesla system is 250-300kW system, not 10kW. Not quite compatible. I think you might find similar power electric systems from some electric wheelchairs.
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