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Rims shaped like fan blades

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I noticed from the pictures that the Model S rims seem to be shaped like fan blades. However, they use the same rims for both sides of the car. This means that the rim fans push air away from the car on the drivers side and suck it in on the passenger side.

I was wondering if the rims, spinning at about 1050 rpm at 60mph would cause any push. Also if the rims were made to be reversed on the passenger side, would the neutralization of that push add to car stability?

My guess is that if it does have an affect that it is very slight, but it might be worth that little bit of extra centering.


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    Very interesting observation! Here I just thought they look pretty... :D
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    I would think that they catch a very negligible amount of air. perhaps something for someone with proper fysiks skills to figure out though, if not just to eat up time.
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    it shout be easy to test, just put a car on a lift at speed the weel up to 60-100 and measurer the wind pressure
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    This is normally a good thing, to increase brake cooling, but as *Jay has pointed out, the wheels should really be directional, and thus different on each side.

    However the effect upon stability is probably negligible.
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    And since the brakes are normally used only for the last 5 mph at stoplights, it's hardly critical! ;)
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    I think if the vehicle is stationary and the wheels were spinning at 1k RPM then it would raise a concern but considering that the car would be moving forward at around 60mph it would probably create enough down and forward force to overpower and airflow that is sucked in by the rims.

    I am not really into physics so this is just an assumption, does it make sense?
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    It is not the first time I have seen this

    The Lotus Elan M100 did the same thing.
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