How to get a Tesla to connect to an hotel wifi

We're on a 4 month road trip around Europe, and obviously stay mostly in hotels. The AccorGroup which is one of world's biggest (and also a Tesla partner for Supercharger locations and Destination Chargers) has a Wifi name that is common for all their hotels. Which is great when connecting your PC or phone, since it connects automatically.

However, our Model S, even when pressing the hotel SSID name will not connect, and comes back with an error. The hotel once you connect (no password, it's an open wifi), comes back with a "connection" screen which requires you to click on the button. But that doesn't come up in the Tesla.

Any suggestions?


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    I think you’re out of luck — see the last comment in this thread:
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    Thanks. Bummer. Never going to get my firmware update ;-)
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    First off, your car will still get updates via LTE or whatever cellular service the car uses in Europe. What firmware version do you have now?

    If you need WiFi and have a cellular data plan that's not too expensive, you could try using a mobile hotspot from your phone.
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    @EVRider - I came here to say exactly that. But since you pointed him to my comment from last time, you saved me the time of writing it again. Thanks!
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    I use a Tp-Link range extender. They make a US and EU model. $30. You can configure at home and then use at the hotel, airplane and I also use in Vegas where I only get 2 connections. I connect the extender to the hotel and then I can use 200 devices as the hotel only sees the 1 connection.

    I'm currently using at the hotel and the extender is in the window, Tesla MX is connected each time I park near my room.

    Airplane (United) works well. I sell a connection to others for $5. United only sees 1 connection .
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    If there is a Tesla service center near you, then you can park near the building and connect to the Tesla Service wifi to get the downloads.

    At McDonald's, Burger King KFC and Starbucks it has the same problem that I have at work. But they installed something at work recently for conferences with a smart TV and I was able to connect on my cellphone automatically since it didnt require a password. My car was parked on the other side of the building far away in the parking lot so I will park closer and see if I get the signal.

    Only place that I found it connects without a password is at a Wendys drive in lane and a few parking spaces in their lot.
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    If the hotel has a secured network you will not be able to connect without a password.
    If it has an open (unsecured) network you will be able to connect just by driving within range.

    Most places prefer to offer a secured network for obvious reasons.
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    @Uncle PAUL, as discussed, it’s a public WiFi but requires the user to accept TOS in a popup which Tesla is not compatible with. This is very common for guest WiFi in hotels, hospitals, large companies, etc. Hopefully Tesla will solve this problem.
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    You can hotspot off your phone. I do this if I get the update at work. I download it through my iPhone hotspot driving home
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