Who to Contact? Supercharger FINAL Inspection Fails 10 Times over 7+ months - Annapolis Superchargin

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This charging location has failed final inspections 10 times over more than 7 months???

Who manages this dysfunction? I have called three times over the last month and am told that the supercharging team will contact me. Todate, no contact.
Who and how can I contact to get this resolved?

Link to screenshot showing the permit history


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    Don't use Kemp Electrical Services for any electrical work around the house!
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    Understand, but how do we get Tesla Execs to do something?
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    Understand, but how do we get Tesla Execs to do something?
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    Who can I contact to get help with this?
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    Contact Tesla. This is a forum for owners and enthusiasts, so you won’t get any help here.
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    I have contacted Tesla and they will not contact me back?

    I read this article and and I thought this was the right forum
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    Don't you think that Tesla is well aware of the situation, and is working to get it done? Furthermore, what can you do to help this situation? How will anyone calling you help make this work?
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    Since we (forum people, not Tesla) have no idea what failed on the inspection, it's hard to chime in what is going on.

    Some inspectors are a horror to work with and others are great. The worst ones don't even know the codes and flag stuff that is total valid - then you have to argue with their managers. Often this take a huge amount of time. Superchargers are large projects. Good inspectors will review the entire project and site any defects that need to be addressed. This is logical and can wrap a project up quickly. Bad inspectors stop as soon as they see a single issue. Then you correct it, wait a month for the next inspection slot, and then find out there is something else wrong. Cycle this through many times and what should be a weeks work ending up taking many months. Some rare cases the inspector is looking for a bribe and if not provided, makes up items endlessly.

    To be fair to inspectors, it may also be the electrical contractor Tesla is using on this project is incompetent and has created a number of problems that inspectors appropriately found.

    I don't expect or see why Tesla will share whatever the true causes with anyone outside Tesla. Then you open yourself to lawsuits and other risks.

    I'm sure there have been a number of horror stories that Tesla has had to deal with from contractors, permits, inspections and other areas. I'm sure they are as frustrated with these delays and extra expenses are you are.
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    No. That was in your Tesla account, you used to be able to escalate issues for 'executive review'. That is gone now, most likely because everyone thought that their issue was worthy of executive review.

    But either way, installation of a Super Charger is Tesla's business, and they are working to get it done. They have spent a lot of money already to install it, so they want to get it finished. There is nothing that any of us non employees can do to make things any faster. I am sure that the people at Tesla who are concerned with this are already on it. What do you expect to happen, Elon comes out and finishes it himself?
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    I was always told that some (not all) inspectors are people who couldn't get a real job in that field.
    Hence, some have no idea what they are talking about.
    I have had first hand expierance with that last statement.
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    What to do about Supercharger problems
    Submitted by mbp11 on December 12, 2018
    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and occasionally I have pulled into a supercharger station and backed in to charge, only to find out that the charger was not working. So that is why the stall is empty! In the past I have tried to call the Tesla help and service line to report it, but sometimes I cannot get through.

    I recently found out from Tesla support that the best way to report an issue or express concerns regarding a Supercharger station or request maintenance on a current Supercharger station, email the Supercharger specialists at:

    [email protected]

    If you find that a station is not working or out of service, do your fellow Tesla owners a favor and report it in a timely fashion!

    Mike P
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    You are very correct @mbp11. I have sent emails to that email address when super chargers are not working. But the OP somehow thinks that he can speed up the install of this specific super charger by pointing it out to the executive team. Plus he wants to be notified why this install is taking a long time. I think that the people who are responsible for this are more than well aware of what they need to do.
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