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Toyota debuts 100 mile Tesla-powered RAV4 EV, Musk says it 'helps us with the Model S'


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    I thought this was cool, until I read this quote, "In other words, expect the production Model S interior to be a little less fanciful and a little more familiar."<br>
    I love the fact that the Model S looks the way the photo's have shown it and I don't want a cookie cutter look of a Toyota interior with a 17" screen tossed in the middle. Please don't change the interior much Tesla!
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    I agree, BYT. Toyota does not have good looking interiors. The Model S interior photos, on the other hand, are gorgeous.
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    I agree. I LOVE the Tesla prototype's interior. It looks like all the trim is done in suede or ultra suede. It looks great. Or at least make that interior an option.

    It's kind of funny though- all the other car companies are coming out with 100 mile range EV's- Tesla is the only one making a usable car from my perspective. They are going to dominate the market
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    All others are making city cars. With 100 mile range I couldn't even visit my sister without charging there (125 mile round trip), and my sister couldn't do her daily commute. 200+mile I could use, 500+ would make ICE entirely obsolete for me.
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    "500+ would make ICE entirely obsolete for me."

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