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Sudden and erratic braking on autopilot



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    All the issues in these reports I've experienced with my AP3.0 in the 1st 3 weeks I've owned the car. Granted it's still Beta software, but here's the summary: 1) phantom braking with nothing happening in front of the car; 2) when I'm the mergee and cars are merging with me, it hits the brakes so I get behind the merger, even though I have the right of way; 3) when passing a truck on autopilot, it hits the brakes as I approach its rear bumper; 4) when exiting an Interstate using Navigate on Autopilot, it exits abruptly and slows down rapidly, which is not what the cars following me expect; 5) all lane changes have been safely executed; 6) it appears to recognize a car traversing an overpass as a threat and hits the brakes. I've used aircraft autopilots for 46 years, and in Teslas for 4 years. There's nothing I've fussed at more that the AP in my Raven Refresh car.
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    Phantom hard brake at 70 mph on the freeway for no reason at all. A car in the adjacent lane a few lengths ahead the i was passing slowly. No bridge overpass. It’s really gone haywire
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    I’ve confirmed on my Tesla that the speed limit is flipped on an overpass/underpass. When driving on the overpass the speed limit detected by Tesla is 70 then drops to 40 for a brief second. When driving on the overpass, I saw it briefly flash 70 as I drove by. I’ve seen this on multiple bridges. This needs to be fixed ASAP.
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    Phantom braking is by far the #1 worst "feature" of AP/TACC.

    The software definitely errs on the side of safety/defense & never gets aggressive.

    The software will always cede to the merging car even when some light acceleration would be acceptable & helpful to increase the success of the merge.

    This is where a human is still better. We're (most of us anyway) playing chess, the software is playing checkers.

    AP is undeniably helpful during a long drive. Fix the phantom braking & it will be even better.
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    Version: 2019.20.4.2

    - Stopped using AP because of these
    -Sudden breaks, (This happens on Cruise also but not as severe)
    - passing under overpass. same place every time.
    - when a Y junction is encountered, same place every time.
    - Randomly when going straight. Sometimes with traffic on the right lane and sometime with very min traffic.
    - Complete slow down to 35mph on 70mph speed limit upon encountering an exit where cars are leaving (not
    all but certain ones. same exits every time). Most frustrating for you and the guy behind you. Lots of finger
    salutes in these cases. Happens on cruise control too.
    - some sudden breaks took the car from 75mph to 40 in an instant. Asking for car behind you to hit you.
    - Taking left only lanes when its supposed to go straight,
    - Almost collided with merging traffic onto two lane highway.
    - Failing to stay on lane with curved faded lines. when especially sun is low. Same spot every time.
    - Not recognizing stopped cars at a signal until too close. Especially when going 65mph.

    - Auto lane change are even worse. Disabled this first.
    - As it would change lanes 4 times within .4 miles of distance on a 7 lane highway because of multiple diffrent
    exits. Note that traffic is same across all lanes, all the lane changes ends up in the same lane the car was initially
    to begin with. I think NN is not learning. Solely based on map data here?!
    - Every time it decides to do a lane change. it breaks heavily. might as well get a student driver sticker on the
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    A mobile service technician came out today approximately 2 weeks after I reported two very disturbing and dangerous incidents with my 2017 Model X . In both, the car braked suddenly and for no reason while I was driving with cruise control on freeways. The first episode was in the middle of a highly populated area in El Paso; it was only by luck that we were there at a time of light traffic or we surely would have been rear-ended. The second episode was while I was passing a truck near Albuquerque.

    I was told that the engineers found the incidents in the logs and that the car "got confused" about where it was. Also, that there are many changes in the software in progress while the car is "taken to a higher level" of self-driving. Seriously???

    If I cannot even trust that the car can do cruise control correctly, how am I supposed to trust more autonomy if/when the software bugs are supposedly ironed out? And, I certainly do NOT remember signing up to part of this experiment; shouldn't the software be fully tested BEFORE being deployed?

    Bottom line, I do NOT feel safe using any driver assistance modes and my model X is clearly NOT " one of the safest cars in the world."
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    Model 3 DM 2019.20.4.2
    I get this ghost breaking about 10 times+ on a 1.5 hour trip. All interstate with varying conditions. Mostly happens when passing a vehicle or coming up on a vehicle in the right lane (I’m in the left lane in both examples).
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    This happend to me this morning. Got the car yesterday and updated to the last sw version.

    Happend while I was driving behind a truck that took off the highway, I speeded up the car since the truck wasn't right in front of me (but about 13/1 a clock left for my car, but in another lane), and suddenly the car hits the brakes!

    I was thinking maybe I did something wrong, but I can see that this clearly is a bug...
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    I see things haven’t changed.
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    I got a new MX in June and we took it on a road trip from CA to CO. I noticed a detection problem in three different situations.
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    @Elon Musk: I don't need Netflix. Please just give me a working cruise control instead, one that doesn't brake when it ist not supposed to. Most automakers with cheaper products have one. I would love a menu choice to disable the TACC for an old fashioned regular cruise control. That should be an easy fix, and much better than having to turn the whole system off or keeping the foot on the accelerator. Do that quick fix first, then work on the adaptive one. Please!
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    @inge.lofald +100
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    I'm with @jjgunn. I use AP 99% of the time on freeway and 70% of the time on side streets. The fact that I know it's Beta keeps me alert and always ready to take over. The tradeoff for me is definitely worth it, and I have confidence it will only get better.
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    That happened to me to, specially close to underpasses
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    I will only use cruise control on freeways with light traffic and one foot on accelerator matching current speed. Dangerous otherwise.
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    I have a Model X and have been experiencing the same problem for the past 6 months. At least 2-3 times a day while driving on major highways. It happened today while driving under an underpass. I thought it was a camera/sensor issue but after reading through this forum I'm relieved to know it's not just me, but disappointed that this has been going on for so long without a fix. Tesla needs to focus less on updating video games and dog mode, and more on fixing this potentially life-threatening glitch. I keep my foot hovering over the accelerator when using auto-pilot now.
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    I've stopped using NOAP because the software algorithm for when to change lanes needs improvement, sometimes waiting too long before deciding to lane change - and unnecessary lane switching between the two leftmost lanes and a freeway with more than 2 lanes in each direction.

    I've stopped using TACC on several of the area highways (with current or recent construction) because of the frequent and unnecessary braking in the middle of high speed highway traffic.

    Clearly these are problems Tesla needs to address. Tesla has solved the hard problems - tracking the surrounding vehicles, lane keeping, and safely maintaining speed and changing lanes.

    These problems are judgement errors by the software, caused by a combination of poor speed limit data (because AP2 isn't reading speed limit signs) and some bad rules for controlling the vehicle behavior - problems that should be correctable in an OTA update.

    It's likely the software team has already fixed these issues - and the fixes are being held up by the Version 10 release and getting the Enhanced Summon feature working correctly...

    As for diverting resources to working on easter eggs and games - shifting those resources to the AP team probably wouldn't have much, if any, impact since the AP software is considerably different than the console software. However, the resources working on easter eggs and games could be better utilized to fix the long-standing obvious bugs and design flaws in the console software - items such as not forgetting current media player settings after resuming from sleep or implementing waypoints in the navigation software (promised by Musk when NAV 2.0 software was released).
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    Happened to me a few times on highway and surface streets. I suspect the car thinks a vehicle is entering into my traveling lane.
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    Ah, I see this is happening to everyone. I will try setting the TACC speed to absolute 40mph, and use my foot. And disable auto lane changes. Wonder when Tesla will get this right. Must be tough to get right.
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    "I see this is happening to everyone"
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    I'm now on software version 2019.32.2.2, and I think the Autopilot problems with sudden deceleration and aborted lane changes are improved. Have not noticed the problems, in the last few days. Has anyone else noticed a big improvement?
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    I also have 2019.32.2.2, but i'm not going to judge Autopilot since my car is a bit on the dirty side, Once its nice and clean this weekend, i'll put it to the test. So far with 2019.32.2.2, i still have some erratic breaking.
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    I'm on 2019.32.2.2. Just finished SF to LA then LA to PHX. Have done this same drive about once a year dating back to our '14 MS 60. I might be nostalgic but I swear TACC is getting WAY worse. My guess is today's version is a lot safer than what we had back in AP1. But I'm also willing to bet much of the "improvements" have been related to the idiots that think we have level 5 autonomy and want to nape while using AP. Unless the road is clear in front me for as far as I can see - I've stopped using TACC or AP. sad.
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    nap not nape
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