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Sudden and erratic braking on autopilot



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    I've pickup up my new model X in December. I have the exact same issue, random breaking at highway speeds and I cannot find a trigger. Happens once every 500 miles or so when on auto pilot.
    I wonder if its related to a simliar problem I have driving on concrete roads that have been ground smooth. The car thinks the edge of the ground area is the edge of the road and it sets off alarms and tells me to take control, even in full manual mode. The ground edge is almost 2 feet from the curb.

    If no one from Tesla reads the forums then I will just have to submit a maintenance request.
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    Same issues on my X
  • I have a 2018 Tesla X 100 and in the early access program but have noticed that the sudden braking issue is getting worse not better. In addition to the terrifying sudden braking on the highway for no apparent reason (no lane changes, no underpasses, no lane shifts) it is also happening much more now on the side roads which I have driven on AP hundreds of times without incident. It is also gives the warning that the vehicle is departing the lane much more often when in actuality it is not. Love the X but hate the unpredictable behaviors it sometimes produces. Glad to hear this isn;'t just with my car.
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    This happened several times on a 1900 mile trip from So Cal to St. Louis on model S release 2020.12.11.1 ---- it is a real safety issue and needs to get fixed
  • MS 75D version 2020.20.1.XXX, took a trip 855 miles, autopilot/whatever you want to call it has never been so stupid. It loves to slam on the brakes for tractor trailer. I get if they cross over in the lane. This is just passing them and breaking super hard, so glad nobody was tailgating me. I hope they fix this, or make it a little safer. I basically have to hover over the gas petal so when it gets dumb I can power through it. My confidence in Auto-whatever is gone. Also... Charging sucks now, very low charging speeds. I hope they fix this also.
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    A year now with a 3 SR+ and the wife doesn’t want to drive it, a wife’s neighbor as well. I have to say it scares me as I never know when this would happen.
    It’s been a year and multiple updates have passed but same problem, it is the only thing I really don’t like about the car but it is very annoying.
    I would even pay to get rid of that (message to hackers...)
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    Same behavior with my Model S 2017, 2020.20.1, autopilot (AP), but not advanced AP.
    Just one remark. It happens not only with the AP enabled, but also when the speed limit is set.
    A fix is highly expected, indeed.
  • Same issue here. Had it happen a few times.

    I don’t trust it anymore. Has anyone from Tesla commented about this issue?

    Model S 19 here.
  • I am having the same issue every time I am using AP
  • This happens often with my 2017 Tesla X 90D. Really unsafe. They should fix this problem before advertising enhancing autopilot and full self-driving.
  • Got my first X in Sept 2017 and it did this maybe several dozen times. Just picked up my new lease a few days ago. On the ride home, it randomly hit the brakes on the highway. I am ALWAYS paying attention on Autopilot, as it occasionally does random stuff like this.
  • Watch this channel; for any details!
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