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Can we drive and charging model s on European Road ?

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Hello everyone,

I am from Europe in France and i would like to know if it's possible to drive and charging model s on European Road ?

Like on UK road or France road ?

Is it possible to know if owner of european tesla have problem with administration ?

Thanks for all , and continue to save Earth by building EV cars !

Ps: sorry my english is poor ^^



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    Il y a déjà quelque centaines de Tesla Roadsters en Europe. En Suisse autour de 60! Je n'ai pas entendu parler de problèmes avec l'administration. En Suisse p.e. les impots sont minimaux et les assurances favorables. La Model S ne sera pas différente. Pour pouvoir charger il ne faut q'une prise. La plus puissante que l'on peut utiliser est la CEE 32A.

    There are hundreds of Tesla Roadsters on the roads in Europe. About 60 of them alone in Switzerland. I have not heard of any problems with authorities. In Switzerland e.g. taxes are minimal and insurance is cheap. Model S will not be any different. To be able to charge you need a plug. The most powerful plug you can use is the CEE 32 A
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    - Alfred
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    Zero Carbon World is a UK charity that is donating charge points to locations that offer public access and free electricity. Our charge points support Level 1 (240V 13A) and Level 2 (240V 32A) simultaneous charging for two vehicles.

    Over the next few years tens of thousands of charge points will become available in Europe… I don't think access to electricity is a long term problem.
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