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Model X died, new update problem?

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Model X 2018 100D did not turn on today, all screens black including instrument panel, manual reset with scroll wheels did not work, jump starting 12 V battery did not work, had to be towed to service center. Anyone else having this problem? I downloaded new update about 1 week ago. Towing company workers told me they had another one with same issue that also paralyzed/died upon completing new update 1 wk ago. Service Center will attempt to start diagnosispng issue tomorrow. Will update later.


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    Tesla was not able to get my center console nor instrument panel to turn on. They ordered a new MCU and big screen to see if that fixes the problem of total blackout on both screens. Has anyone else had their screens go completely back and fail to turn back on ever?
  • My Model X died today 3 days after major service and MCU/memory chip was not replaced as requested. 5 years old 150,000 miles MX P90D. Car totally dead: cannot get in the car and do not know how it can be towed. Fob doesn't work and app will not sign on. No warning regarding 12V battery and emergency road service cannot help. 200 miles from nearest service center and 60 miles from home. Suggestions?
  • Did a Tesla ranger check it?
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