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How can anyone trust Musk?

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I just saw that he cut prices on the X and S significantly again today. That's the third price drop since we bought our X. So basically any idea that we're saving anything is laughable (not that I ever thought I'd save the difference in gas vs electric anyways). But still, he continues to kick the shit out of people who've already bought. He's just taken over $10k of the value of your vehicle in one go. Great. He's a collosal dick.


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    Do you feel better now? Didn't think so. But go ahead and vent more - just FYI - this is nothing new - been happening at least over the last 3 years I have been around. Either price drops, or you get more range for same price, or more goodies for same price.

    You do know what early adopter means right?

    oh and that your car is not an investment right?

    Hopefully though somehow you feel better...
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    People bitch about the price being high and now it's lowered and people are still bitching. Bitches can't have it both ways.
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    I priced my P100DL that I took delivery late November 2018 for $162k, and its $140k for an identical configuration.

    This doesn't look good because Tesla got zero competition for the high end P100DL, why drop it by $22k ?
    People that dont want to spend >140K already had many P100D configuration...

    Whats next ? Tesla will dorp the price of the roadster to $150k 90 days after its released ?

    Tesla is making enemies with this type of price cuts.
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    Early adopters is not equal to a guy that buy a product and see it the next month at ~10K to $22k cheaper.

    This never happen unless its a liquidation.

    I fully expected Tesla to upgrade the battery and interior in the future, and maybe even reduce the price a little.

    This is unprecedented and stink of desperation.
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    Price reductions happen all the time in the ice industry yea it sucks but it is what it is. I am and will be a TESLA supporter
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    Incremental improvements in manufacturing, stopping of referral programs and FUSC, removing overhead costs of physical stores. Then passing all this saving to the consumers. I really have a hard time seeing why this is being a d!ck. Next time you buy you will be able to get the benefits like everybody else
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    PhillyGal | March 1, 2019
    @AWDTesla - Why should I? We are all very well versed in the product life cycle of technology. We pay more to get it when it's new. Do you know how much I had to work to buy the school required laptop for college? I bought virtually the same laptop for 1/5 the price later.
    If you spend $50,000 (or 20 or 100k) on a car without researching the company first that's your fault. Price drops have been planned and publicized since the Secret Master Plan. They've been working today yesterday for a decade!!
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    I thought you meant "trust musk about coming out with a $35,000 model 3." Or maybe "Landing a booster." Or "making Tesla profitable." I guess you can't trust him to keep his cars expensive.

    And yes, I got my MX in December and paid more than I might now.
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    Did you get the car you ordered for the price you agreed to?
    If so, stop bitching.
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    Respectfully, here is my $.02

    My MX is worth the price I paid. I’m in it for the tech, innovation and performance; plus, I’m on-board with the Tesla mission. If someone obtains a better deal or reduced price, that is their good fortune and I have no regrets or animosity. I didn’t buy my MX as investment…It has utility value to me. There are better places to invest your $ if you seek an ROI. I also went in with eyes open, such that Tesla is fighting for survival as it disrupts the industry. As such, I expected it to make changes to ensure its existence. I believe Tesla’s success is our success.

    With that said, I do think they should acknowledge early adopters in some form…maybe some preferred services.

    Thanks for allowing me to share thoughts
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    Ditto on the complement. However, for such a drastic decrease in price/value, I still believe that Tesla/Elon should consider offering recent owners of less than six months or a year, preferred services such as lower price or no charge on the enhanced AP or full AP.
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    Return the car.
    Tesla is a big cheater. Never recommend to anyone else buy Tesla.
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    Let me splain, Lucy.

    In 2005, I purchased a 26” Sony Bravo widescreen TV for $2,000. While doing some renovation work in 2011, workmen destroyed the TV’s lone HDMI connector. First, I checked with Sony about a repair — $300 just to look at it. So, I looked to replace it $315 for the exact same TV only now it had 3 HDMI plugs.

    That’s the way it goes with technology. $2,000 today becomes $315 six years later. A Tesla is not a car, it’s a computer with wheels. The sooner the press and public realize it’s a technology platform the sooner we have some peace and quiet.

    A little secret: The cheaper car you’re moaning about today will cost considerably less and will be better equipped three years from now.

    When has a car ever gotten better sitting in your driveway FOR FREE? Happens with my Tesla MX regularly. In the legacy auto market, you want new and improved you buy a new one.

    The key to affordable EVs is the battery pack, 40% of the cost. Tesla built its own battery factory and gets them for cost. Other car companies buy their bodies from 3rd party venders at retail prices. Tesla also designs it’s own batteries and is the world leader in designing battery packs for EVs. Right now, Tesla secures batteries for around 30% less than it’s competitors. If anything, the gap is growing versus shrinking. Tesla is also learning how to make battery packs more efficiently.

    The mission is to replace obsolete ICE tech to help make EVs affordable for everyone ensuring universal adoption.

    Which means, if you drive a Tesla as an early adopter you get to enjoy driving the most innovative vehicle on the road now. The downside is people who come to the party later get to do it cheaper.

    . I’m enjoying my fun knowing I am paying the early adopter premium for it. If you can’t accept that then you... well you’re screwed or at least think you are
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    I keep seeing these posts and I'm like what do you want people? I bought a Model 3 for 57500. I wanted it quick and I would have paid even a little more to get it quicker. My reasoning was I didnt want to wait 6-12 months for all wheel drive. I thought I'll take the $9000.00 for a longer range and almost guarantee a federal incentive of $7500.00 vs. wait for model with extra $9000 for battery pack and possibly miss out on $7500. Price has ebbed and flowed, options have changed, colors have come and gone. I think my car as optioned is now $3000.00 lower cost maybe taking into consideration $3750.00 in incentives, in another 3 months it'll be half that and im sure Tesla will try and compensate even more. Don't care, I bought the car, i love the car. I just bought an X90D CPO based on loving Model 3. What's shitier(a real word?) is that a 2015 BMW X3 that cost almost 60K new when trading in only got $18K offered for trade in, and some even lowballed at $13K-$14K. Always sell privately and get more but F****** dealerships really shaft you. Not Tesla. A Carmax actually offered me like $13K and yet had an older, more miles, dirty, smoke covered up with febreeze BMW X3 on their lot that was marked as sold and the price $30K, and yet they offered me $13K - now thats fleece baby. And yes I'm still getting screwed as nobody will give me a decent price for my BlackBerry Storm 2 and my Atari 800XL.....I paid decent money for those things.
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    "However, for such a drastic decrease in price/value, I still believe that Tesla/Elon should consider offering recent owners of less than six months or a year, preferred services such as lower price or no charge on the enhanced AP or full AP."

    They are. I purchased Enhanced Auto Pilot (EAP) for my MX purchased 9/17 for $5,000. I didn't see any reason to get the full Autopilot at that time because it wasn't ready for prime time. As I understand it, anyone who purchased EAP can upgrade to the new FSD for $2,000 starting 4/1/19. The page still says $3,000, but Elon tweeted yesterday that that function needs to be updated to reflect the new $2,000 price. All you need to do is click the buy button and it will automatically charge your credit card on file. There is no need to visit a service center; the entire thing will be handled over the air.

    To find it if you haven't visited Tesla's website: Go to your My Tesla page: You'll see a photo of your MX with the VIN listed on the left side of the box. Click the MANAGE button just below the VIN and you'll be taken to a second page where you can purchase Full Auto Pilot.

    But wait until the price changes to do it.
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    sschaem | February 28, 2019

    Tesla is making enemies with this type of price cuts.
    Enemies?!?! It seems to me they're making a lot of FRIENDS with the reduced pricing.

    FYI....the day the $35k was announced - Tesla sold 200 cars in the Bay Area.

    Let me do the math on that.... 200 happy people vs. 1 pissed off early adopter.....and this is just the first day.
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    @jjgunn I agree
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    Last week's price drop wasn't surprising - what's surprising is that it took over 6 years before Tesla started dropping the prices of their fully configured non-performance S/X vehicles - as one would expect for any new technology product (how much does a 4K TV cost today?).

    After Tesla started producing the first S P85's (which were RWD with performance comparable to an 85D), Tesla maintained a $105K price point for their fully configured non-performance S/X vehicles, and increased that to around $115K when AP2 was introduced in late 2016 - and stayed there up until last week.

    Every time Tesla has released major new features or larger battery packs, they effectively reduced the price of the previous configuration and provided the new capabilities without increasing the price (except for fully activating AP2+).

    The $115K price point has been too high, especially with the phaseout of the $7500 federal tax credit. At around $100K S/X is still more expensive than competing ICEs, how ever based on the long term cost savings, at the new price point, purchasing an S/X should be no more expensive, likely less expensive, than buying a luxury ICE.

    At the new price point, Tesla should be more competitive with ICEs for S/X - plus they are going to make it even more difficult to other manufacturers to produce competitive long range EVs, without losing money on every vehicle they sell.

    Should current customers be frustrated? - Yes

    We lost around $25K in value for our recent S/X vehicles overnight - and while it's frustrating to see that happen - we still have two fantastic vehicles, that will only get better as Tesla continues to upgrade the software OTA and add more AP functionality.

    If you're frustrated with this situation - then let Tesla know. They've tried to help soften the blow by offering 1/2 price discounts on after delivery AP activations (though for those of us who already have FSD, the invitation to help Tesla find bugs through the Early Access Program doesn't seem to do much to move the needle...).

    Now that Musk will be back after the successful SpaceX launch, and they've had more time to look at the impact of last week's changes, wouldn't be surprised to see them revise their response to the 15% price drop and what they might do to recognize loyalty from their current customers.
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    OP - an item is worth what a person is willing to pay at a given moment in time. Nothing more nor less. Tesla owns you nothing for you were the one who decided to purchase at a given point in time. As an owner of multiple Teslas, I do not look back and wish and wonder if only "if". You can't catch a dynamic ever-changing technology. Maybe you just needed to stay with your Toyota - boring and prices go up each and every year - which is a better fit for a person like you.
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    Flags dispensed for the trolls.
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    New technology products typically start with high prices at introduction and then have the prices decrease as the technology matures and the manufacturing volume increases.

    We've seen that with products like TVs that have gone through HD and now 4K technology releases.

    But purchasing a vehicles that average around $100K is different - products that are often the most expensive vehicle people have purchased, and that they expect to re-sell or trade-in at some point. So the future value of those vehicles is important, plus how much people are spending up front for the purchase.

    Tesla has somewhat opened the door for concerns about lifetime cost of purchasing a Tesla vehicle by continuing to make claims on the website about how much $$ will be saved from lower operating costs vs. purchasing an ICE. Last week's 15% price drop likely wiped out those savings for previously sold vehicles, especially for those customers who plan to sell or trade-in their S/X after 2 or 3 years.

    And while this has impacted current customers, it may also have a potential impact on the purchase decision by new customers, who could be concerned Tesla will do this again, and wipe out any savings they might see in their purchases.

    So how Tesla handles the situation with current customers could be important to help assure not only current but also future customers...
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