Cold Feet in the Roadster

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Its getting cold in Europe now. My first trip from UK to Germany, Me and my passenger got quickly cold feet. Because the roadster lacks insulation in the foot area. why not putting a little bit of foam there. Now only thick woolen shoe inlets helps.



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    Do you mean cold foots? Or are you talking about your oat bags? Maybe frozen sandwiches?

    English lesson: "feed" as a noun means animal food.
    "feet" is the plural of "foot".
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    Maybe he has a cold :-). Dhis weadher is sdarding do feel doo cold.
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    I guarantee that Eberhard's English is better than my German. If I were to post a message on a Deutsch-speaking board, I'd mangle more than 'feet'. And I'll bet you knew exactly what he meant.

    (Don't mind me, I'm just impatiently waiting for my new Roadster. Eight weeks to go.)
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    I'd agree with Eberhard, the Roadster leaves your feet a little cool, even at a mere -7C. Hans at the Toronto store recommended earlier that I close the vents and put all the heat on the floor. That helped a lot, but it wasn't exactly toasty. <br><br>

    Other than that, the Tesla seems to handle winter conditions as well as any other car. Due to poor road conditions I originally took my SUV today, but after stopping for gas it wouldn't crank; apparently the battery is getting old and can't handle the cold. I had to get a boost start so I could go home and get the Tesla. Fortunately even with summer tires it easily handled the winter conditions. The traction control works amazingly well on snow and ice. <br><br>

    Along the way I stopped in at Canadian Tire to pick up a new battery for the SUV. Seemed ironic to be hoisting a lead-acid battery into the Tesla's trunk behind the huge Li-Ion battery.
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    A hilarious and iconic story. Tesla should use it for marketing!
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    Very good story, but be careful with those summer tires. They are good until they stop being good, and after you lose grip you won't stop. My friend did drive one winter with summer tires in his car and he used to give himself a remainder ever now and then how slippery those tires were: he got into empty parking lot, accelerated a bit and used the hand brake to get it spinning. After he saw the same building fifth time in his windshield he was sufficiently convinced that these tires are slippery.
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    Don't worry Timo, I'm not planning to drive through the winter on summer tires!
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    I am sorry, of course I mean feet. I am not always looking in my dictionary.
    I am plan to put a heating-film unter the foot-map like the seat-heater.
    i am really tired of getting icy-feet.
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    Now that sounds like a good idea!!! let us know how it works.
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    I wonder if that is actually more efficient way to keep feet compartment warm than blowing heated air there. That might actually be so good solution that Tesla should consider putting that as default heating mechanism (if it works).

    Floor space needs more protection from wear and tear than seats though, so that that heating-film doesn't get broken by footwear (tiny rocks and sand and stuff you get in with your army-boots) or short by water.
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    I got my Tesla only 4 days ago and already my heart is flaming hot red with passion for this car... but unfortunately that doesn't help keeping my feet warm either, especially when it's below zero as it was in Zurich. So I'm really interested in a satisfying solution for this problem, if there is one.
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    I have a solution, but I'l wager you won't like it.

    Wear thicker socks.
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    Or better shoes.
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    Karin, Don't pay any attention to the high tech "peanut gallery". Don't know design configuration but wonder if plywood could be cut to fit under some of the carpet. Of course some type of water proof technology here would be necessary but wood is one of the best insulators of all. And of course styrofoam or has this been discussed.
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    i am going to order one of the heating pads or heating films. the heating pad comes as foot-carpet, the heating-film has no cover. maybe best to place underneath the exitsting carpet. the consumption is around 35W and shall reach 30°C
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    In California it is not major issue but “cold feet “ problem can be improved on.
    Item that will help:
    1- When heating or cooling car used recycled air button option. Instead heating or cooling outside air you are heating / cooling air in the cabin.
    2- Exposed chase aluminum wall above the carpet is very efficient heat sing for the car cabin air and it will make big deferens if is has insulation layer of some king. I searched the WEB under Car Heat and Sound Insulating Material and found lot of material for this application .Below is sample of the material used for this purpose. I have not done this myself so I have no opinion or experience what is the best product for this.
    Car Heat and Sound Insulating Material:
    Butyl Rubber adhesive with foil facing for maximum thermal protection and vibration control. OEM quality and the lowest price on the market!

    Single Sided Foil Backing
    3/8" x 4' x 6' Sheet
    Automotive insulation material.
    Great for sound deadening, car interior padding, and heat insulation.-$ 20 .00
    The Insulator by Bonded Logic
    Double Sided Foil Backing
    3/8" x 4' x 6' Sheet
    Automotive insulation material.
    Great for sound deadening, car interior padding, and heat insulation.-$25.00

    • Superior Acoustical Performance (Better than Foil/Bubble pack products)
    • Excellent Thermal Performance
    • Class-A Fire Rating
    • No Itch or Skin Irritation
    • No Formaldehyde or Harmful Irritants
    • Durable Natural Fiber Padding
    • 99.5% Pure Aluminum Foil Facing
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    the main issue is, you buy a car for more then 100.000€. then you have to improve it with items only 50€ in value to make the care more suitable for the wintertime. Elon - no snow or icy in california? as no 3 phase power in america at all?
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    Insulation + that heating film sound like very very very effective way to warm car up. Probably much better than any air heater efficiencywise.
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    Moon boots in a Tesla, I don't know I don't know...
    I'd prefer an only-insulating solution anyway, it's simpler than a heating pad and I don't dare fumbling with electricity on my own.
    Eberhard, buying a Tesla is an act of pioneering, so just don't expect too much fully developed comfort (better for your nerves) ;-)
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    I'd be interested in the make/model pad you get. The one's I saw looked like they were designed for an area larger than you have for the Tesla foot area. Also, the seat heater films looked interesting as well. keep us posted

    I bet many of the film heaters for cars run on 12VDC so you could just put a car adapter on it and plug it into your accessory port. No messing with car electronics necessary.
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    There are heating films aviable in germany from a company named Paroli
    They are ready to go with an adapter to the lighter-socket.
    you can get same in nearly any size. there are carpet-pads as well. but my current problems is to get my air-blower back to function again. happy chrismas.
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    Thanks for raising this topic. I absolutely agree that the level of floor-level heat in the Roadster is terrible!

    I particularly note that switching to just warm air recirculation doesn't prevent cold air from coming in once you are driving at speed. Either the bulkhead leaks air or the recirculation damper is not very effective.

    I have asked my Tesla technician to investigate some solutions.

    If you make a specific choice of heated floor mat, will you please review it here or on, and give a reference to which specific product you chose? Thanks.

    Also can you please write up your England to Germany roadtrip? I think these international roadtrips in Europe in Teslas are pioneering and we need to share the experiences, charging locations, etc.


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    Hi Andrew,

    hier a short report


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    Hallo Eberhard and sorry in advance if this is the wrong place for my request: I'd like to get in touch with you and ask you some more Tesla questions in German ;-)
    Please write me a short email: [email protected]
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    brings the heat where it is really needed. direct to your feet.

    or you have to wait for Model S. With the batterie underneath is the best protection against the cold
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