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Powerwall Power Flow showing all zeros

My Powerwall monitoring UI shows it has a good connection to ethernet, wifi, and cellular, it is "connected to Tesla". The LED is solid green.

It does report its charge level, but the power flow numbers have stopped working. They all show 0kw, there are no connection lines, and no animation.

It is also no longer charging or discharging (just slowly going down about 1% per day, currently at 79%)

It is version 1.31.0

What should I do?

There is a "STOP POWERWALL" button on the monitoring UI

The gateway has a recessed reset button.

The owners manual says that if it "stops responding" you can turn the powerwall off then turn off the AC breakers to the Powerwall and the Gateway, then back on.

I know which breaker goes to the powerwall, but why does it say "breakers". Would there normally be a breaker for the gateway itself? I have a setup with a critical load panel and there are no external breakers installed in the gateway panel itself.
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