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What panels did you get?



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    system I am going with is LG NeON R LG375A1C-V5 375w not Q1C as stated before, Mono Solar Panels, 21.7% efficiency
    These have built in brand new LG microinvertors with 98% efficiency.
    25 yrs parts, labor, performance warranty from LG, 25 yrs warranty from installer.
    for 9KW system I am getting $2.78/W before ITC.
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    Those LG panels sound really nice In $2.78 per watt is a good price. Thanks for sharing the info - will do a little more research for future projects.
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    Didnt realize that energysage had $250 promotion on LG if I get it installed using their network. this literally brought down my cost/watt to $2.75 for LG's latest LG NeON R LG375A1C-V5 375w Panels with 21.7% efficiency and their microinverters that are built in are 98% efficient.
  • I just had my solar panels installed right after Christmas. I didn't realize that you have an option to choose different panels (and invertor). I just went the default option they provided i.e Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 / SC 310-320 and Delta Invertor.
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    @toshaldudhwala, I did not went with Tesla after pricing and comparing what other quotes were on the table.
  • @infofiles, that's good. i had no option. Tesla was the cheapest but more importantly, they were the only one who agreed to install panels without upgrading my main panel from 100amp to 200amp. the cost to upgrade was $3k.
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    How did you get the 30 panels? what size of your system for your Hanwha Q Cell, Peak DuoG5 panels. Tesla told me I can either do 36 panels or 48, I am trying to get them install 42panels!
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    How did you get them to install 52 of the Q cells? Tesla told me they dont customize system anymore so most I can get is 48panels
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    Initially I was getting a 12 kW system because Florida requires extra home insurance for systems larger than 12 kW. So the initial size of my system was just a tad under at 11.80 kW. Then later in the process I told Tesla that I want to just fill up my roof to the max and I purchased a cheap umbrella insurance policy.

    So they just measured and did every east, west and southern roof surface. I could probably still get a few more panels on there, but we stopped at 52 of the 315 w Q Cell panels. Total of 16.38 kW.

    I wanted to just get as much installed as possible while the full 30% was available last year.
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    Dragon - I selected a local Tesla dealer for our 10 kW solar generator as like many geos Tesla does not have local resources. The dealer suggested the best combination of components and system sizing for our use case.

    So far so good. Even in the often cloudy/rainy winter months we are now mostly self-powered as long as we get decent sun every few days. On mostly sunny days the PWs are fully charged by early afternoon, then the inverter output throttles back to match the home consumption and keep the PWs topped-off.

    Based on winter home energy consumption our three fully-charged PWs will run the entire home for about 2 cloudy/rainy days after a full-sun day. They discharge about 30-35% per day with little or no sun. I’m expecting close to 100% self-powered during the spring, summer and fall months.

    We’ll see what happens!
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    Hello Guys I am new to this I am getting 42kw system installed it is huge as avaerage yearly usage is around 42485Kw/yearly Tesla quoted me The new Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 / SC 310-320 is this good or should ask them for any other better panels
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    I got the Q.Peak. They look great on the roof. There’s about a 5 inch gap between the “skirt” and the roof. Not noticeable from the street - only when up on a ladder. I’m super happy with the installation and the look of the panels. Still waiting for PTO.
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    According to my solar rep who is tailoring our tesla solar quote, the only panels Tesla offers at this time are Q.PEAK DUO BLK-G5 / SC 310-320. All the Tesla/Panasonic solar cells being manufactured at Giga Buffalo are being used for solar roof.
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