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What to check for before buying a used model X?

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Hello all,

I am new to the community, and wanted to know how and what to check for while purchasing a used Model X? I am in the market for a used Model X, and I find that 2016 models are the most easily available.

The following points seem to be important, when buying used.
1. Battery degradation - How to check if the health of battery is satisfactory?
2. Enhanced autopilot - How to check which version the car has? Which version is adequate? Would it have the ability for future self driving?

Are there any other things one should be considered?

Any thoughts are appreciated.



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    Congratulations! when you find the right one, you will love it! incredible vehicle in all regards. To answer your questions....The best place to find a used Model X is on one of the Tesla inventory sites. I used Ev-cpo and was very happy with the service. Enhanced Autopilot is what you are looking for if you want FSD. It started with vehicles in October of 16' I believe. The inventory sites will show EAP in the specs if it has it. You can also look at the photos and they will show the build date on the door sticker where the tire psi is. As far as battery degradation, once you purchase ask them to charge to 100% just before you pickup the vehicle(don't let it sit for long at 100%) and this will give you a idea where the battery is at. usually around 6% degradation the first year and tapers off after that. Hope that helps:)
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    @Wings4 life. Thank you, that is very helpful.

    I looked at quite a few of the vehicles on the tesla inventory. Looking at the pictures they sent to me, I find all the vehicles had varying degrees of damage(dents, big scratches etc). Does tesla repair the damage or are they selling as is?
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    I found some vehicles in other non tesla dealerships. My understanding from the forum, most dealerships either don't know much or don't want to. What can we look for in those situations?
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    Just bought a CPO 2016 Model X 90D from Las Vegas Tesla. I can could tell car was a California car due to slight shadow of where HOV sticker was(cant see anymore after a little armor all on it). I also used EV-CPO and also TeslaCPO.IO one shows good matrix of options each has and other shows entire price history as the price drops or rises daily. I also would use Tesla's webiste and zipcodes I would consider going to ....California, Vegas, Seattle, here in Phoenix/Tempe etc., sometimes third party websites would miss one listed on Tesla used site. I lucked out and got a Model X 2016 with about 40K miles, 6 seater(wanted walkway/footroom in between seats) ultra high fidelity, premium package, HEPA, Smart air suspension, subzero went with 20" wheels(was torn like the 22" but like getting longer range better) also wanted a VIN higher than first 6 months or more due to refinement in build quality associated with any first off the assembly line vehicles. Paid $59,900 - and was amazed how good the condition it was in...turns out Model X was/is completely wrapped in XPEL, feels like also like has ceramic coating ontop off - ind addition all windows including front windshield tinted with 3M ceramic and just discovered today center console and LCD are also protected with a film - so I guess I got an extra 10k+ in freebies. Battery like others have said has a slight degradation - was hoping for the 257 or so miles and mine says 244-247 when fully charged.....but I seem to averaging better than 350wh/mi while I may actually be getting 265 miles per charge or better...going to watch how many miles i get when I consume next charge or 90kWh. No dings, no rips or tears or stains, no wheel curb rash.
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    bring a detail light and check the windows for stress marks, they had to replace 2 windows on mine after I complained. looks like swirl marks in glass only can see with light or in bright sun its annoying for sure. 2018 MX here
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    Front shaft vibratons. Please test before you buy
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    Good luck finding one without the shudder. The AP1 that comes in the 2016 works great for adaptive cruise control, lane changing, lane /interval keeping. I have it in my 2016 and use it daily. You CANNOT upgrade it to fully self driving due to hardware/wiring differences but I find the AP1 reliable and useful (with the exception of the “nany-nag”) for daily and long distance driving. Mine is #61 and works great! So don’t eliminate the “earlier editions” because the teething problems have already been fixed. (Caveat emptor, I would be reluctant to buy an X from a non-Tesla dealer or private party unless I physically inspected and drove the vehicle first.)
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    Looking to buy a 2016 signature P90DL with 11,000. Drove a 2020 and it was awesome. Haven’t had a chance to test drive the 2016 yet. What would I expect to be the differences. Is it enough to go for a new model with a price difference of $40,000.
  • I believe a very important role in buying a used car is to have a reliable source, like a guide, with specific information about a car. Something like this website which has all the needed information on what to look at, the pros and cons of buying a car, in this case of course it’s a japanese car, Nissan Skyline. But you can see that it gives you everything you need to know about the car when looking to buy one. I wish I could have such a huge source of information on every car there is.
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