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10,000 Miles Clocked - My Actual Fuel Economy (wh/m) Experience In Hot and Cold Weather

edited March 2019 in Model 3
I’ve had my LR RWD Model 3 for about a year and here is my real world experience driving the same route. My daily commute is 15 miles each way, and the speed limit is 45mph most of the way. The below wh/miles are what I typically achieved for my entire commute based on outside temperatures. Keep in mind that my car’s fuel economy is rated at 260 wh/m for mixed highway/city driving.

190 wh/m - Temps in the 60’s. Climate control off.
230 wh/m - Temps in the 90’s. Climate control set to 72 degrees.
280 wh/m - Temps in the 30’s. Preheated car while plugged in. Climate control set to 70 degrees. Manually turned A/C off.
330 wh/m - Temps in the 30’s. No preheating. Climate control set to 70 degrees in Auto mode, which always has A/C running.
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