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Simple and Direct Answers, Please?

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Hi. I've written to the press contact address a couple of times, but have heard nothing back. It was an easy question, are you folks going to be at the Chicago Auto Show?

Second, the Model S is supposed to be on sale in a little over a year with an early test build on the road now, certain technical details should be firmed up. Things like wheelbase, overall length, front and rear track measurements, even some preliminary interior dimensions.

I can appreciate your selling the lifestyle and zen of a stylish, all electric car, but some of us out here want some numbers before we decide on putting down a $5000 reservation.

I know I'm not alone in looking for some direct, nuts-n-bolts answers to simple questions. I haven't seen too many of those in the press or on the website.

Mr. Musk seems to be following in the footsteps of Steven Jobs, but I'm an Alan Mullaly fan.


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    The currently available facts speak for themselves: 5K, fully refundable for a car that will most likely outperform, out class and have more room for people and storage than a car 20K more.

    That's as simple and direct I can make it.

    oh and don't forget you have to buy gas for the other cars in it's class as well as sales tax!
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    Sheesh. It's fully refundable and it's not like you're forced to put it down before knowing the specs.

    "some of us out here want some numbers before we decide on putting down a $5000 reservation"

    Well, then don't. Just wait and put it down when specs come out.
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    Tesla is actively selling the Roadster, not the Model S at this time. They are happy to take your deposit, but they are not actively seeking deposits so much as they are seeking Roadster sales.

    I think the information offered so far isn't far out of line with what other manufacturers offer on their cars. The web puts a different spotlight on Tesla than it does on other companies. I don't ever recall seeing the same level of interest in similar alpha builds of conventional ICE models. Perhaps they are just too common to really grab much interest? The only other possibilities are that I don't pay enough attention to the subject for other manufacturers or they keep things a secret until much closer to release.
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    So, basically, its a "Shhhh, its cool, just don't ask too many questions." You all are Mac/iPhone users, too, aren't you?

    I'm sorry if it offends that I'm a car guy. I've heard and read plenty of promises that came with a concept, only to be not borne out in the reality. The Suzuki Kizashi was the latest example. The Kizashi concept was this long, swoopy, aggressive looking upper midsize car. The reality is a small, barely midsize, ordinary looking, underpowered econobox.

    Usually, by this time, some techincal hard facts start to come out. Measurements aren't a state secret, but all there is, is an amorphous "a little larger than a BMW 5 Series or Mercedes E Class.

    Folks, this a car. A leading edge, even revolutionary, technological wonder, but its still a car. Not a religion. You can ask for hard answers. You drive it, not worship it.
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    Oh, I almost forgot. Cablechewer says that they aren't actively selling the Model S. If that's the case, why did they bring that pull apart version to NAIAS? Or why did they post the video on the website of the Alpha driving a country road?
    Have you read any of the interviews or articles published about Elon Musk or Tesla, like the one in Wired Magazine a few months back? That wasn't a Roadster in the pictures with him.
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    Arelem, then simply don't put money down until you hear what you'd like to hear. You're not required to in order to buy the car. You want to be first in line, but not have to actually get in line by putting down the $5k.

    Either put it down and pull it back if you hear numbers you don't like. Or just wait. No one is forcing you to do something you don't want.
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    Maybe they brought the car to NAIAS and put the video up to show naysayers like yourself it's not vaporware.

    Tesla is not asking for deposits, they are simply receiving them from people who like what they see, and want to get the first few years production slots.
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    @arelem: your tone is obnoxious and offensive. there is no need for this.. 'petulance' as it was called, or to start insulting people for their choice of smartphone. we all happen to own cars, maybe several, so don't go around as if you're the cock o' the walk.

    there are very good reasons tesla haven't released the numbers you're looking for: "wheelbase, overall length, front and rear track measurements, even some preliminary interior dimensions"...they are still in hand-built protos phase. they are tweaking for aerodynamics, etc. those numbers may change, so why publish before they've even locked-in the design and tooled the factory?

    as others have said, you don't want to invest without your numbers, then.. don't. please. live long and prosper. and how about this: don't be such a belligerent numskull. ask your questions, of course, fine. but please refrain from being broadly insulting and bellicose. you have no idea what kind of people are reading these boards with you, and pretending they're all just a bunch of nerdy fanboys is ignorant.

    there, now that i've stooped to your level, i'll take my ball and go home. lol.
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    You know, in 50 years, I don't ever remember anyone's first question about a car being "I want to know what the track and wheelbase is." I've NEVER known (or cared) what those dimensions were for any of the 7 or 8 cars that I've owned. If the Rawlinson video didn't provide enough visual evidence of the car's size, then I'd say that knowing those two dimensions would be a useless piece of info. I always have some interest in knowing the weight, but after seeing all those lightweight components, I know that the Model S will be as light as a car such as this can be, without spending gobs of money on carbon fiber. I seem to remember 4900 pounds quoted for the weight (160 mile version, I assume) and I saw the weight for the BYD EV as more than that, for a smaller (and much simpler) vehicle.
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    @Ramon123: Maybe he has one of those ultra small European garages? :D
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    Yes it will be nice for some technical stats, that said it seems clear that any numbers during this phase of development could easily change, and seems why they haven't posted them yet. It does seem possible that it could take longer then they have said as well. It most likely will struggle to meet our lofty expectations. This seems a little like watching a great trailer for a movie that is going to come out a year from now. I think you should keep asking the tech questions, but I wouldn't expect any detailed answers for a year because Tesla probably won't know for sure themselves until then.
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    Tesla doesn't want to share things that are subject to change or might hurt their competitive edge. That is why I only measured the ground clearance on the aluminum skeleton. After the firestorm from some here that took this early alpha measurement as immutable, I am glad I didn't use the tape measure while the Tesla workers backs were turned to measure wheelbase etc.

    A simple change of wheels and tires would change the clearance. Can you say winter wheels? The other measurements will likely stick, but I don't really care what they are as long as the ride and seats are comfortable.
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    Arelem, if you're a car guy, how come the combination of VP Rawlinson's vids + the "amazing to date" performance capabilities of the Roadster excite you to the point of reserving a Model S?
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    From the FAQ on Model S:

    Will Model S fit in my garage?

    Model S has approximately the following dimensions:
    Overall length 16’4" (4973 mm)
    Overall height 4’8" (1426 mm)
    Overall width with mirrors 7’2" (2189 mm)
    Ground Clearance 4.46" (113 mm)
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    I went to Newport Beach yesterday afternoon to check out the Model S. The actual car, as opposed to the photos, didn't disappoint. What did disappoint was the arrogant attitude of the representative. Every question I asked was responded to with defensive and condescending answers. The guy really didn't know what he was talking about. I walked out of the Tesla dealership with a bad taste in my mouth - I felt almost like requesting a refund on my deposit. Anyone else have this experience? I think Tesla needs to re-evaluate this guy's position in their company.
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    stop crying about the same issue in every single thread. Maybe the Tesla rep's replies were directly correlated with the way you spoke to him.
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