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Has anyone noticed how similar the Model S resembles the Jaguar XF

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I am one of the very fortunate ones on this planet that have the privilege of owning my business. It is a Automotive Detail shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. My company takes care of most of the High-end luxury manufactures, and one of those is Jaguar.

The other day I was standing over the 2011 Jaguar XF and it struck me how similar it looked to the Model S.

Is it just me?


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    yes add the Lotus Eterne
    the Maserati Quattroporte
    the Aston Martin Rapide
    some say volvo s60
    and more and more
    mazda 6 or 3
    you may add hyundai elantra 2012
    who copy who? everyone i think. flavor of the day
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    Zeitgeist. But I agree, it is striking. To me, it's particularly Jaguar, Aston and Volvo. Which, interestingly, are all considered particularly "individual" cars... ;-)
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    Guess it's hard to make a beautiful luxury sedan that doesn't in any way resemble any other beautiful luxury sedan. Bt as I've understood, some of the idea og the Tesla cars is that it shouldn't look too different from ice cars, since most consumers don't want to buy cars that look too different. Elegance never hurts, though, and I think they have been doing a good job so far.
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    Just think. In a few years you will hear, "Oh, look. That's the new Maserati (Volvo Aston). Don't you think it looks a lot like a Tesla?"
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    Laws of physics and needs of practicality also play quite a big role in shape of the car. You need front and back crumple zones, you need some cargo space, you need to be able to look outside, it can't be too big to manoeuvre or too small to fit people in, aerodynamics and weight etc.

    Bit like dolphins look like sharks even that they have completely different looking ancestors.
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    AFAIK many manufacturers use same parts. You can find Opel parts in Volvo, Saab in Cadillac etc. even headlights are shared components. It is cheaper that way, but restricts designing somewhat.

    You are correct that there is still freedom, but it is limited freedom. Too different and it is no longer practical. Look at Aptera, it is a three-wheeled two-seater with dimensions of Hummer. That is not practical.

    OTOH if you compare McLaren F1 (not the Formula 1, but sport car) to something like Mitsuoka Himiko they can't be much more different without losing function as a passenger cars, but they are both still recognizable as cars.

    Part of the problem with similar looking cars comes from the fact that it is already very heterogeneous group, part from those restrictions I mentioned earlier. You can't find a shape that someone hasn't already used somewhere. Every car looks like some other car.
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    Timo, in this case I disagree. All your arguments are correct, but they do not necessarily apply to the "face" and the "character" of the car. All your arguments aside, there are still many degrees of freedom left. Shape and position of all the different kinds of lights; shape, size, color and mounting of side mirrors; size, shape and position of windows, defining the "waistline" of the car; style and position of door handles; appearance of the grill and the bumpers, using chrome, black plastic or visible joints and gaps...

    There are many possibilities to change the character and appearance of a car without changing aerodynamics or any other practical aspect. Yes, of course you can affect aerodynamics by changing the shape of the mirrors, but there are still ways to change their look without affecting aerodynamics. And still, designers seem to intentionally give all the mentioned cars very similar looks. That's not a practical or technical necessity, that's zeitgeist or public taste or mainstream or whatever you like to call it.

    I agree that to a certain degree the Model S looks similar to other high end cars because the similarity itself is intended. It is part of Tesla's story that they want to create a car that is very different from the inside, but that can replace a traditional car in every respect, including looks and image.
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    They tried to make some thing new, and it obvious that it will be combination of some cars. Definitely people like different things in different cars which is not possible in a single car, so their resemblance doesn't matter much more.
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    Hey Timo,

    Dolphins and sharks had no ancestors. There is no proof to your statement. The missing links are still missing. All we have are artist conceptions in our textbooks and museums.

    Anyway, the Model S is beautiful. I am convinced that the design of it was influenced in part by all the other cars being designed. The Ford Taurus,
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    sorry my little brother got on
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    As I was saying, the Ford Taurus, the Chevy Volt, and the Buick Lacrosse look very similar as well. Car companies copy each other. I like the wave of the future. It looks good.
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    Samuel H, you are wrong, there are "missing links" as you call them for both groups. You probably are just as ignorant of real science in that subject as ever other creationist. Your church probably tries to keep you that way, ignorant and gullible. Go visit NHM, open your eyes.

    I wont say anything more about that subject in this forum, it doesn't belong here.
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    My church doesn't educate us on the creation/evolution debate. I have researched the supposed missing links. They have a similar design. Big deal. If evolution were true, there should be millions of transitional forms, each a bit different than the other. But of course there are not. I visited NHM. Didn't get a lick of real science. Oh, and everybody's ignorant-just on different subjects. I am not ignorant on real science, the observational type. I am ignorant on "science" as preached in the textbooks. Find a couple bones, make up a story, make some drawings or animations, have a big name endorse it, and publish it. When it's disproved, refuse to admit it. That is not science. I have spoken to several scientists who were rabid atheists and evolutionists. Note, I said were. The reasons they gave for their conversion were all the same. There were to many inconsistencies in the evolutionary hypothesis. By the way, all of them have Ph ds in their field. One of them has two.

    Anyway, the Model S with its seamless lines, retractable door handles, Vista roof, Audi-like front, familiar rear, and all the advantages of an electric propulsion system is my car of choice. If somebody made a car that was totally different from any other car ever designed, it would not be very successful. People don't like change, in spite of what they say. New ideas such as the modern EV are resisted. Why? There are many reasons, but one of them is the resistance to change. I could go on and on, but I won't.
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    Right, believe what you want. Reality will prevail over ignorance and refusal.
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    Actually, ignorance and refusal are pretty strong. I would wonder that even 10% of population understand what "science" or "scientific method" is. An IQ of 100 is the mean. If you have and IQ of 120, someone else is at 80. And they are driving right in front of you. In an old smokin' diesel.
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    Do you think crash tests and aerodynamics are done on faith or "science"? I'd rather have my car designed by someone with a good understanding of physics and "science" than have faith guide their design decisions. Oh, and the world is not flat.
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    except in various local frames. As a whole, it's oblate. More or less.
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    Resistance to change? See religious shamans in the face of peer reviewed science. Sadly, metaphysical clowns get to troll here, too.
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    if it didnt look the way that it does I wouldnt buy one and that goes for many others who think the same as I do what sells style.....what sells style....... thats the name of the game.
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