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I think I understand your business model, and it seems like a sound one, so what I'm going to suggest may sound like folly. Nevertheless, here goes..

Ford took his patented ideas and developed a car that was basic, affordable, and reasonably attractive. Within 10 years, he controlled the automobile market. A $17,000 (fob) four-seater coup with reasonable luggage space is doable, using a minimalist mass production line and non-union labor, in Upstate South Carolina. You could realize even more profit than a projected $6,000 per auto, by getting your battery provider to allow (through royalty arrangements) one of the area's local battery fabrication companies to make your Li-ion batteries. I know for a fact, that I could get you some really tasty tax incentives from our state development board.

We NEED a $19,000 - $20,000 car. Think about it. SOuth Carolina is waiting. You have my email.



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    Ford's plan worked because there wasn't anything to compete with what he was building.

    Tesla has to deal with an entrenched industry (gas/oil) and a false public image of what it's product can do.

    Leave well enough alone, Tesla's at Model S, and the Bluestar will be along in a few years. Their plan is WORKING, and there is NO reason to change it just to suit YOU.

    Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, but I'm honestly tired of people second guessing elon on this.
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    Stay with current plan is ok but Alabama or Mississippi will give you the state to make cars here. As Alabama probably did Mercedes, Honda, and Kia. Mississippi will soon be making Toyota somethings. Tennesee making Nissans and were making Saturns but are Saturns still being produced?
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    It took everything Tesla has just to get the one factory (which they may not even own BTW) to build the Model S.

    Saying "come here/go there" is not helpful, Tesla does not have the resources or the manpower (they're still hiring training the one large factory they have) for the Model S. Saying you've got an existing plant is useless as well, since Tesla does not use current manufacturing proceedures, they had to make their own, using newer materials & processes.

    No, leave well enough alone. Elon has proven (to me at least) that he knows what he's doing, and what needs to be done. Let him run HIS company.
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    Vawlkus, Sorry you have taken my comments as too much of a current literal suggestion. Not meant to be so, as I am aware of everything you said about current Tesla configurations. Just from what I have picked up on these posts. Just meant to be an "aside" comment for possible future reference showing the eagerness of these state to get heavy industry here via very good tax breaks, stable labor supply, reltively cheap power, and weather conducive to full production as workers could get to work every day. Let's just say long range considerations provided Tesla picks up and soars which I expect they will. Enjoy your post . Have a good one.
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    Have you had a look at the factory they're in searcher? They're barely using 10% of it for the Model S initial build.

    Believe me, they have got a TONNE of room to grow in that factory. I can't remember how many different lines it used to make when Toyota & GM had it going, but that's two companies with multiple car lines in there. Tesla will have enough room to build the Roadsters, Model S, their SUV, Bluestar, and still have room left over for whatever else they dream up next.
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    I heard early on that the Rav 4 EV was to be produced side by side in the Numi/Tesla plant with the S. I have not heard anything about that since however.
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    Have to second searcher here, guys.

    Remember, Elon thinks BIG. Acquiring the NUMMI plant and using 10% of it to produce 20'000 Model S / year is just the first step. Will be accomplished by 2012 (so we all hope).
    But what is the number of cars TESLA will produce in 2015? 100'000? one million? If TESLA is going to be a real car maker, it must aim for these numbers to get vehicle prices down to the 15k region. I bet that's in Elon's master plan.

    And these statements "NUMMI is big enough" reminds me of these famous statements "640kb of memory is far enough" or "200MB hard disk drive? you will need a life's time to fill that!"
    Never, ever underestimate growth. It is an exponential thing.

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    VolkerP, Seconding me takes guts, ha. Thanks. Of course I see point you and Vawlkus are making and both are correct.
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    @Vawlkus, searcher, look this

    6000 cars/week. Week! 52*6000 = 312000 cars a year.

    That's enough for a long time. If Tesla can max the capacity and there is still more demand, then they need to expand. However I believe that having more demand than that requires that some of the old big ones goes belly up. Looks like governments do not let them go belly up very easily.
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    Thanks timo, as I said I think both points are valid. Think they are quite right with current plan but just wanted to interject some prime places if they want to expand at any time or ever throw in with any of the big boys already here. Will check out you recomended sites. Does Finland have any car manufacturing or research. Know all about Finland's technological prowess. What if any are the primary areas of Finlands technological research.
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    We research everything. Finland is a high-tech country. Fisker Karma will be made in Valmet factories, and same factory was previously used to make Porsche Boxters. I don't think there are many scientific areas we don't do. Nuclear weapons maybe (though I bet there is knowhow how to make such device, just not interest of doing that).

    If something is high-tech chances are that there is a Finn somewhere behind it.
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    Yes timo I have viewed travel videos of many places around the world and the technology and lumber stands out in my mind about Finland. You know we hear a lot of propaganda on radio and tv here about the healthcare models and other things in Europe etc but I like some of the stuff you all are doing. After all a lot of it probabaly hasn't been fully developed yet but you have something to work with that can be improved. Of course I am not a socialist but some of the media here seems to portray some of european stuff as too much socialist and I just don't buy it. I think you all have made a good start in a lot of areas. With all those private companies there it sounds like a booming place.<p> Now how in the world can I tie all this in with EV's. Oh yes maybe the venture captilists could drop a bundle in there for battery research, got the weather ready made to test with and everything. Also could do the winter driving tests there to. <p> Wish someone in Sweden would buy Volvo back. When I see German or scandinavian products I just automatically assume quality.
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    I read that Finland had come up with a way to use the furic acid waste from sugar refining to cheaply make even softwoods as hard and durable as mahogany! Passed it on to a friend who owns a company that makes wood trusses for buildings, etc.

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