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Lets start a Canadian Tesla Club/Forum


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    already in

    look in Other as opposed to All Regions
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    I agree, let's start a Tesla motors club/forum.
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    Greetings from Washington DC. My wife and I are planing our first major Model S road trip, in June '15, to visit our daughter who teaches at Ste. Mary's in Halifax, NS. It looks, from my research so far, as if the Maritimes will need advance planning. We have a CHAdeMO adaptor in shipment and also welding extension cables. Can anyone tell me the adaptors which are most common in Canadian campgrounds and Marinas. We are expecting our first grandchild in May so we are super excited about this trip. I apologize to the Francophone members for the English; Mon Français est vraiment attroce. Many thanks,

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    North York Supercharger at Fairview Mall is now operational. Family member charged a Model 3 there today and the SC shows in the Phone App. 20 charging stalls.
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