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We purchased a Model S with the cream interior. The cream colored mats are very nice but not practical as they get dirty easlily. My wife asked me to get the black carpeted mats that come with the black interior. No interior carpeted mats are available in the Tesla store on the website. The only ones are all weather mats. The sales associate told me says too bad, we don’t have any. Third pary vendors have the security holes. Does Tesla not sell iinterior carpeted mats? What about replacement for damage in the future? Can anyone advise?


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    Simple. I have them in my S. The Tesla black Mats were crap! I drive with my shoes off. Best mats out there. They do have 2 small anchor holes which I don’t use. By law, or lawyers, Lloyd’s must install them. Your carpet is black, the mats are black, you will never notice. But anchor if you want, it has not been a problem for me. These mats are so thick & with the bottom rubber lining, they don’t shift on the carpet. I take the mats inside and run the regular vacuum over them because they are basically quality thick pile carpet.

    LLOYD’s LUXE Floor Mats. Black (775). $139 for front two.

    I ordered color samples, the black, & ebony. Black (775) matches our S carpet perfectly. Promise you will never see the 2 small anchor holes. I asked to not have them, they wouldn’t sell them without, it’s a non issue though.

    Your wife will be very happy.
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    I agree with Miles - just buy the carpets you want. I've also bought Lloyds mats (very good). I went from Tesla's original black, to Tan. To me black makes the inside look smaller and like looking in a hole. I'm also in California, so they don't seem to get dirty here (at least in our area).

    Be aware the footwell lights become useless with black carpets. I bet most owners with black carpets don't even know there are lights there. The bottom of this article shows different carpet colors and various footwell light choices:

    Here's an old article I wrote on Tesla floor mats with pictures. Back then interiors were black, gray or tan.
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    Go to amazon and they have Matt’s that are perfect and light weight they run about $200. But they stay put and good in bad weather and the fit is

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    3D MAXpider Complete Set Custom Fit All-Weather Floor Mat for Select Tesla Model S Models - Kagu Rubber (Black)
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