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Calgary Alberta

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First of all, is it even possible to purchase one of these cars in Calgary Alberta. Second, where would it be serviced?


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    I am imagining your are referring to Canada. I love to get a chance to explore the great park system you have just west of you.

    Yes they will be selling this car in Canada.

    Servicing would probably be brought to you if it was anything like the Roadsters..... remember there is far less servicing of an all electric car.
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    wow that post of mine was a mess of typing errors... ah-well no edit button.
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    Sure hope, so as Tesla didn't object to taking my deposit money and I'm in Calgary :-p

    Assuming the toronto store is still the only Canadian store when the model s starts to ship I'm guessing we fly there and take a journey driving home or have it delivered which seems more likely.

    Servicing will also likely be done by rangers as sudre mentioned.
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    My Roadster was delivered to my driveway, on a (huge) car transport truck; I assume most Canadians will have their Model S delivered that way. With the 300 mile pack I'll be able to pick up my Model S in Toronto and drive it home to Ottawa.
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    For now, the Toronto store is the best for a Canadian buyer. You can border hop and go that route if there's a Tesla store in a state near ya, but that's unlikely.

    I'm hoping Tesla plans coastal store for Canada down the road, but I haven't heard anything along those lines.
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    Now that's an idea. High density of charging places in highly scenic areas, government or private. With accompying maps. This would be very cool.
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    Nice of you Canucks to drive Tesla and leave them tar sands barrels for us damn Yankee consumers. Although after the 2012 elections, I might have to scoot the family out of the "united" a seat at the Saddledome for me
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    Heffty - the answer to your question is yes. I took delivery of #1228 in Calgary this past Saturday. Like the others, mine arrived in an enclosed transport at my front door. I purchased it through Tesla Motors Canada Inc. Hans Ulrich, the Canada Sale Manager for Tesla was very helpful with the sales process once I made a decision to buy. So far my experience has been great. I've had a few questions related to the car and I get answers within hours from the customer advocate who is assigned to assist me and my car. I the after sales service has so far exceeded all my expectations, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised as this service was something they consciously implemented to set themselves apart from the norm. As for servicing, the only regular 'maintenance' that I am told is the annual firmware upgrade for the electronics. Otherwise, there is no oil to change. Brakes will last me for more than 5 years given how the regen motor works and the short distances that I tend to travel.
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    I think edma898 said it best...........

    All Model S cars will be hand delivered on flat bed trucks right to your front door. The only exception I can see is if you live VERY close to an actual Telsa store in your area. I live about 60miles North of Toronto, so the journey in and out won't be fun. I've lived in TO for 10yrs so I've done my hard time there.

    i'll be asking for front door delivery as I don't want to take a car all the way there and then have my wife follow me home, assuming she lets me drive the Model S Signature home that is :)

    As I'm #S-51 for Canada, I'd expect that all Signatures will be delivery to your front door anyway, to keep that exclusivity too.

    Could be wrong. Just my opinion.
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    My Roadster was delivered to my door, but I am considering taking the train down to Toronto when the S arrives. It has enough range to get it home (Ottawa).
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    "High density of charging places in highly scenic areas"

    Look up "RV parks and campsites". :-) Turns out there are already high-voltage high-amperage outlets located in many highly scenic areas. Convenient, eh?
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