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"Your order is complete". California Rebate processing speed?

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I'm probably on post #4. Been a lurker, reading up, deciding, etc. Finally doing it. Midrange.

So I'm crunching numbers and figuring payment stuff etc. So I have a few questions that can probably be answered by some of the experienced buyers here.

Tax credits - I should end up with (based on family income) $3750, because of buying it, but I won't see those until next year's tax season,Feb to May, sound right?

California rebates - should be $1000 for clean fuel, and $2500 for the clean air rebates, I believe. How quick do those come? And in what form?

HOV sticker - least of my concerns, but seems a proper post to ask. Does this go through DMV or Edison?

Thanks for any help, guidance, tips,

Doug B.


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    Not sure about the "$1000 for clean fuel". Never heard of it. Maybe is local.
    The 2500 clean air rebate takes about 3 months from application to check in your mail.
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    CA limits an owner to two $2,500 rebates, in case you plan on buying more.
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    SDGE, give $1,000? Up in the Bay PG&E gives $800

    I submitted for $2,500 at end of December 2018. Current processing times are 90-95 days - I expect to get my money in about a month (I hope)

    HOV Stickers are DMV & taking about 60-90 days too - Lots of electric cars being bought - It ain't like 2016 anymore
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    When I applied for $2500 CVRP, the site said processing times around 70-80 days, and it took 70. If you have an income and don't want to wait for your $3750 Federal Tax Rebate, you can up your (fed) dependent count to get a little bit of your expected credit with each paycheck between now and Jan 2020.
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    For the $3,750 tax credit: Correct, you won't see that until next year's taxes.

    For the $2,500 CVRP, you apply at, Note the current processing times:

    Applications not selected for income verification: 96 calendar days.
    Applications selected for income verification:81 calendar days.

    Additionally, they have up to 90 days to mail you a check after your application is approved. If you were to apply today, you're looking at mid-June for approval, with the check itself arriving by mid-September.

    HOV Sticker: I applied for mine 2-Jan-19, check was cashed 14-Feb-19, and I just received my stickers a week ago (~4-Mar-19). Expect it to take about 2 months from date of application.

    $1,000 for clean fuel I haven't heard of (I live in San Diego), but maybe you have some local rebate program I'm unfamiliar with.

    SDG&E (local utility company) offers a bill credit for purchasing an electric car, but the amount varies by year and number of applicants. In 2018 15k customers got $500, in 2017 7k customers got $200. Enrollment ends on 31-May-19, and the credit can appear anytime up to two months past that.
  • Edison gives you $1000, CA is $2500; check in the mail for both. You have to wait for your license plates to apply for them. I got my car Nov. 11. State says they mailed the check last Friday but I haven't seen it yet. I got the Edison check 1 week ago.
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    Just got CVRP E-mail application approved. (YAY!)

    90 days from application submission.
  • I ordered 3/5 with dual motor and white interior/exterior. Delivery was estimated to be 2 weeks. So far delivery date has been pushed twice from 3/22 to 3/25 and today they called me saying my vehicle is not built yet and pushed delivery again to 3/31. This is getting really annoying since I will not have a vehicle for at least one week and that will cause me troubles. I am neither lover or hater of Tesla but I feel disappointed as a customer. I am sure car buying experience could have been better. I hope you guys will get your vehicle on time.
  • Sorry, wrong topic.
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    It took me around 90 days to get the approval and then the said it could take up to another 90 days to get my rebate. So 6 months before getting the check, seems like we aren't in the 21st Century yet.
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    For the $3,750 tax credit: Make sure you are paying enough federal taxes to get the full amount. Federal tax is made up of Social Security tax + Medicare tax + federal income tax. Only the federal income tax portion is refundable. Ask more questions if in doubt. I'm no expert on the subject, I got a nasty surprise with my ev federal refund. Lots of people here know more than me.
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    @rodo the $3750 credit has to do with tax liability not how much taxes you are paying or how much is withheld.
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    @dmitrytrofimov32. So you orderedand paid at 3/5? So far the delivery is at end of March. May i ask youre not a reserve buyer, right? Im assuming only. Perhaps the reserved early adopters whos been waiting for standard battery are at the front of the production line.
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