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Black on black panels

I am close to pulling trigger. I want, actually need the better looking black on black panels to keep my neighborhood association happy.

Tesla said I would need to go with the Chinese manufacture at 315 kw. Original system had 330 kw.

Anyone else have any experience or info on black on black panels.

I saw this article and my Tesla contact had no info. She said she would investigate.

I have had other solar companies presenting options with higher kw and black...making me rethink decision to go with Tesla.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.



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    I was not aware the black 315kw panels were made in China. I thought they were all made by Panasonic. I was wanting black as well but when I found out that the black ones only came in 315kw, I went with the non-black 325kw ones. I believe they are made in NY. I think if you want more kw and black, you will have to go through a company other than Tesla unfortunately as I do not think they offer anything other than the 315s in black.
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    I am going through the exact same thing as we speak. I was originally quoted the 315w black on black but then found out that Tesla has the new SC330 models (330w) being produced in their Buffalo, NY Gigafactory 2. However, those newer models are only available black on white. I honestly don't *really* care and debating the trade-off between higher capacity vs cleaner look. I wish they had 325w black on black like other companies but wondering if these new Tesla panels are better designed due to them being produced in-house at GF2?
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    Signed the dotted line (many lines) tonight. Going with black/white 330 for gf in buffalo.

    Had 3 quotes, surprisingly, Tesla was least expensive. I am getting 2 powerwalls and 12.6 Kw system for about the same as others solar only. I had sunrun in today and Tesla made them look silly. She ended the last 10 minutes bashing Tesla. And...on way out, she asked what about leasing, I said “good day”...

    So just like car, I will imagine the next 2 months will be stressful at times, lack of communication and direction. Hopefully, they will prove me wrong.
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    I had my Tesla solar installed a few months ago, using the 315W black/black Panasonic panels. I could have went with the higher wattage panels but they were (1) quite a bit more expensive at the time, and (2) black with white grid strips.

    When the install crew came to my house, they actually brought Hanwha panels instead of Panasonic. I almost didn't even catch this, and the Hanwha would have been installed without my knowledge. Tesla told me that the Panasonic panels were in short supply, and that the Hanwha panels had the same specifications. I wanted the Panasonic panels as I knew very little about the other brand, and Panasonic is what was listed in my contract. They ended up swapping out to the Panasonic for the install (at least I think they did, I haven't actually been up on the roof to verify).

    My system has been connected for about two months now, and things appear to be working fine. What mborski imagines was true for me: communication was non-existent (this was during the Model 3 manufacturing push), and the attempt to install the Hanwha panels was disappointing. I would make sure you are at home during install and keep an eye on what is actually installed. Good luck!
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    I did not know that Panasonic black on black were even available. I will still go with the black white 330 from buffalo.

    From time you signed contact, how long did it take to get them installed?
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    I signed on 2/5/19 and will be getting mine installed on 3/25/19. Then wait again for inspection before turning on the system...ugh!
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    I signed the contract on October 9, 2018. The install was done on December 13, 2018. My electric company installed their new meter and I was able to turn on the system on January 25, 2019.

    I was pleased with how quickly things progressed. I originally had scheduled the install for the end of January, and sometime in early December they said they could move it up to December 20th. This was much better for me as it allowed me to claim the tax credit a year earlier. Then on December 12, a guy texted me and said they could do the install the next day. I think they had the work crew available, but not the solar panels, and that's why things were originally pushed out.
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    new england here. black on black panasonic panels installed last year. they look great. $2.95/W installed.
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    Hi Manjushr,
    What was the wattage for black and black panasonic? I have gotten a quote and they are saying back on black is only from Hanwha. Is yours says Tesla brand?
  • Where can I find images of the black on black or the black/white panels? I’m assuming the black/black panels are the ones shown in the images on their webpage. Also what is the difference between the 315-325 panels?
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    I finally decided to go with Tesla solar panels because I read so many good things about the panels they were co-producing with Panasonic. I used the new configurator on their website that was launched around the end of April. Unfortunately, I found out in a round about way how they are able to “slash” prices. The only panels that they are now offering are the Hanwha Q-Cells. After 4 phone calls with customer service and the design team I was finally told that they are not offering the premium Panasonic panels for the new pricing. A manager even went to far as to ask me if I noticed the price difference in the cost when looking “pre-configurator and “post-configurator”, stating only the Hanwha’s are being sold “post-configurator”. This seems very much to be a bait and switch on Tesla’s part. I’m very disappointed in the whole process.
  • Are the hanwha’s not very good? What’s the difference between those and the Panasonic?
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    @skv781 They are SC315 B2 Series Module. 315 W. "Modules are manufactured by Panasonic to the specification of SolarCity. Modules are only warranted by Panasonic if the modules are included in a PV system sold by SolarCity or Tesla. SolarCity and Tesla make no warranties related to the modules, which are sold as-is. SolarCity will handle any warranty claims on behalf of any purchaser."
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    spec sheet photo
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    @chancellor32... the images on the web page are the B on B panels.
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    @chancellor32... the images on the web page are the B on B panels.
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    Your HOA can't really tell you which one you have to buy and that you can't have solar. I'd challenge them on that one.
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