J1772 Adapters

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I hear a lot about public charging stations, and my employer is also installing some at work. These look a little smaller than the charging port on my Roadster, and I'm guessing they are the recent IEEE standard J1772. Wikipedia says that this is a 5-pin connector, so it can't be directly compatible with the Roadster's 4-pin port. Does anyone know anything about availability of adapters that might work?

(I did not find any specification of the Tesla port either on the web site or in the owner's manual.)


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    I've been told second quarter 2011 so shouldn't be too much longer. They haven't said exactly what kind of adapter it'll be but should allow a Roadster to charge off of a J1772 charger.
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    I talked to Tesla (the Menlo Park store) two weeks ago and was told "in a month or two." As they have said that in the past about the J1772 connector... and the mobile connector went through about a six month period of "in a month or two" I'm not as optimistic as you are about when it will be available. I hope you are right, though.
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    not sure if this has been posted before but i ran across a youtube video purportedly showing a Tesla Service Manager demonstrating a J1772-to-Tesla adapter.
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    Thanks all!
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    The video was of the Seattle service manager; he showed it at a charging station opening in Bellevue WA. There was somebody from Marketing there too, but she wouldn't talk about it.

    I saw a mail message from Tesla recently that said it would be available by the end of April. Many of their promises have dragged on and on (we still don't have an online map of HPCs, or a way to get notified when charging stops) but that's a more specific date than they normally give.

    The most annoying part is that while the J1772 spec goes up to 80A, most charging stations being installed only support 30A. So it's going to be slow going if you use one...
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    I've been told a similar date. If you're interested in the adapter, you should tell your support person. They're keeping a list of interested owners.

    Some Tesla owners are converting their Roadsters to a J1772 plug - but I've decided that for now, I'll stick with the adapter. I want to be able to use an HPC when available (for the faster charging) and carry the J1772 adapter for the times I need it.

    When the public J1772 charging stations start sporting a higher amperage, I may rethink that. :)
  • The Clipper Creek CS100 is a J1772 chargestation that can handle 70 Amps (
    I hope Tesla's adapter will too.
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    Never mind that, here's the real hot Tesla product:

    Only 1/25 the price of the charger!
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