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08’ to 11’ used roadster

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I’m thinking about buying one! Any helpful advice or comments for me to consider?



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    Hi guys! We got our Model 3 LR about 4 weeks ago and now we got a long weekend off and would like to try out, how convenient the car is on long drives. We have no idea where we gonna go (starting in Bavaria, Germany), so we’ll book everything last minute or sleep in the car. I saw a lot of mattresses for the Model 3 on Amazon, but since the back seats don’t go all the way down I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences? Did you buy a „car-airmattrass“? Is it comfortable due to the angle? And last but not least - if anyone here did a (short) roadtrip to France/Belgium/Austria/Italy or anything nearby, I’d love to hear about your experiences!
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    you might get more responses if you started a thread in the "general" forum
  • So, I got in on TSLA at 240 and even expected that the earnings might drop and willing to take it in my stride, but as with many, I really didn't expect completely quite wipe out profits (and then some). I'm not expecting we go back to 250+ before bottoming out first. However, as the consensus is that the bottom maybe <200 according to many, I think I'm out for now. So my Q: What are the chances that it naturally bounce back up a little to around 235-240 on it's way down? Especially with fairly decent news over the weekend.
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    Never try to time the market. If you like Tesla as a company, buy some stock and hold onto it for a very long time. If not, don’t.
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