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Welcome on board. I try to keep track of everybody in Belgium. Please specify if you odered the Model S (starts with a P# in Europe) or a Model S "Signature" (starts with a S# in Europe). I have number 346 - General Production (P) Tesla Model S.


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    P #259 :)
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    P #360 ( so far the 3th in Belgium, i hope it stays this way)
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    P <b>#411</b> Belgium, Europe Confirmed on July 25th 2011. So, Let's start the first <b>Belgian Tesla Owners Club</b> and put EV friendly restaurants on the map. Who will join us?
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    signature S#6
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    I am :
    - Signature MODEL S #7
    - ROADSTER 2.0 #0168 (delivered 2010-01-27) Glacier Blue
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    Like our colleges from the Netherlands, it may be interesting where the Belgian Tesla's (will) have there home town.
    P#360 Brakel Oost-Vlaanderen
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    Would love to create a website as soulopoulos suggested, but I'm not 100% sure I'll buy the Model S (even though I reserved one). And being creator without owning the car itself is kind of stupid.

    A meeting will be mandatory, obviously ;)
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    Belgium declared itself as a constitutional monarchy, with first king Leopold I exercising the right of confessional freedom right from the start for him self. So I don't see why you can't webmaster a Tesla owner site without having one yourself.
    Just make sure the ad links generate enough cash to net you a decent Model S :-)
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    Any ideas for the URL? seems too exclusive, as it is the intention for enthusiasts to join as well. Don't think it is necessary to add Belgium, as we use .be as domain.

    I still have a free .be domain :-)
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  • BguBgu
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    S#65 - Hoegaarden

    Anybody from Belgium traveling to the factory on the 1st of October? sounds nice, it says what it is :-)
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    here is:

    Signature Model S #14

    Status | Reserved
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    One P#134 going to Luxembourg via Belgium, most likely.
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    P #447 - Mechelen
    Hi there nice!
    A Belgian Tesla motor club already? Wow
    And now waiting for the car to come...
    [email protected]
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    There soon (december) should come a real Tesla garage in Antwerpen (so I am told).. But I don't get an answer of Mr. Rogier Kroymans about that matter...
    Does anyone knows more?
    Or just wait & see?
  • P #227 Gent

    I agree on the fact that the Benelux representative of Tesla stays very quiet about evolution and happenings towards reservation owners.
    We may not be his cliënts at this moment, but we're his future cliënts. So (a bit more) communication would be nice.

    What about "" ;-)
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    For personal reasons, I would like to cancel my reservation for the Model S . Someone would be interested to take my sequence number #124 ?

    Alain from Belgium
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    Is that P124? Would love to jump some places ahead :)
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    Model S #79

    Reservation Confirmation Number | #RN089928
    Status | Your Model S is Reserved :-)

    Located near Antwerp.
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    Model S#87
    [email protected]
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    P788 Zonhoven
    Is the Belgium Tesla club website already known ? I am willing to help to set it up ...
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    There is a Tesla Benelux Facebook page:
  • edited November -1 is already registered by a company. I tried to contact them but no answer unfortunately ...
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    We can call it ?
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