LED light dangers

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They're finally getting around to actual testing of LEDs!
And it seems they're hazardous, "in all parts of the lights and at every stage during production, use and disposal", and therefore, e.g.,
Crews dispatched to clean up car crashes or broken traffic fixtures should don protective gear and handle the material as hazardous waste.


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    Oh not that complete and utter nonsense again. They list COPPER as a potentially dangerous material for Pete's sake! There are tons of copper in your house, your car, everywhere, because it is used for just about every electrical conductor you will encounter.

    Lead is being phased out of electronics; I'm surprised they found it. Doesn't matter anyway - see below.

    Arsenic and other exotic materials are in infinitesimal quantities, it's a dopant in the silicon semiconductors. These same materials are in every other electronic device you use. Doesn't matter anyway.

    The main reason why NONE of this is a threat is that the devices are ENCAPSULATED in plastic. You would have to grind the devices up into a fine powder and EAT them to have any tiny risk whatsoever. Protective gear after an accident, my ass! There's already gobs of this stuff in every car manufactured.
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    Douglas3 - absolutely right.

    Yeah, I was reading that and I could not believe.

    Inhaling fumes from broken LEDs? As if they contain gases? An how do you break them? "When bulbs (LED) break at home"???? You need to repeatedly take a hammer to each of them. As the article said, they "crunched, leached" the LEDs to extract the encapsulated content, then probably measured the trace elements with gas spectrometers. Oh yeah, kids lick the inside of a LED to taste the sweet trace lead content...

    I have the utmost respect for academia and research, but presenting results with a scare smacks of self-promoting.
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    what a lame post - I'm sorry I took the time to type this...
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    Hm... fires at crashes might be a different story. But probably just scare-mongering for other situations.
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    Gasoline cars burn all the time, and contain all these same materials plus gasoline.
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