Tesla Sales Experience?

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I was just wondering on people's sales experience in dealing with Tesla. I am about ready to put down deposit on Model S but wanted to experience the store here in New York first. I feel like you are also buying into the company as well as a car. After two weeks of calling, trying to speak with a sales rep, who is never available, leaving three phone messages that are never returned, I am having second thoughts.
Are they not interested in talking to people interested in the Model S, not the roadster?
Just wondered what other peoples experience has been at their store?


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    Maybe the New York store is understaffed for the population base???

    My own experience with the Seattle store has been good. People have always actually answered the phone.
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    The stores are for the Roadster at this point. I had excellent experience in Chicago but the store is there to sell Roadsters and teach generally about electric cars. New York is a very busy store and I have heard mixed reviews.

    The Model S reservations are handled by the main office.
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    I posted my experience on the Tesla forums and they've deleted my post! Certainly not the way a company should handle things. It was a lengthy post relaying how my experience was at the Los Angeles showroom. Instead of trying to hide what has happened, why don't you deal with your sales reps instead?

    "I just want to let everyone know how my experience was at the Los Angeles store in CA.

    Yesterday a friend and I went to the Tesla store because I wanted to put down my reservation for the Model S and also get some questions answered.

    We got there and to my surprise the store was a little bit smaller than expedited. We were greeted nicely by a lady that was obviously new there. She tried her best while we asks questions about release dates, warranties, options, etc etc. Since she was new many of her answers were "I'm not too sure so I'll let Layla (sp?) answer when she gets back. She's the sales rep"

    So we wait awhile for the resident sales rep to get back into the show room area. We started to ask her the same questions and her attitude was very rude and negative. She pretty much made us feel insignificant and didn't want to help or answer us. When we asked about specifics she said that those details are not released yet which is quite understandable. But what really ticked me off was her general attitude. She made it seem like she didn't give a crap if we put down a reservation or not. She was saying that they have over 5000 people that have reserved a model S so since there is so much interest Tesla doesn't care if you put a reservation down now or just wait for the Model S to be released before we make a decision. If I remember correctly her words were something like, "You can put a reservation if you want, if not just wait for the car to come out." It's hard to relay how her attitude was typing this out but she really didn't give a crap about us. After a very short <5 minute conversation with her she returned to her computer and left us while the other rep was still around. Maybe it was because it was a holiday weekend and she just didn't want to be there. Maybe she was busy chatting with her friend on the computer or browsing the web. Whatever the reason, it was unacceptable!

    I ended up putting in my reservation anyways because I knew most of the answers from reading these forums and on the site. It not like I was going to give her my commission when the car was actual released. I'm definitely going to head to the Newport showroom to pick up my car.

    Tesla, if you are listening I hope not all of your reps are untrained and rude! I was seriously thinking about just leaving and forgetting the whole thing all together but I love the this company and the car. I'm still unsure of the whole thing now. I did put in my reservation regardless but I wanted to share this experience with the rest of you.

    My reservation # was RN063491."
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    both of your posts in general and in model s forum are still there. Now you posted it a third time.

    We all are concerned on any bad customer experiences in Tesla stores since we don't want Tesla's success jeopardized by ill-behaving sales people.

    But is it possible that you easily blame someone else with your own fault? May be a split of a second is too short to reach a final conclusion?
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    Just wanted to post a follow-up. I received a nice phone call from a woman (name?) from Tesla headquarters who was concerned about my poor experience.

    William13, I think you hit it on the head. The stores are selling the Roadster and the Model S reservation is being handled centrally by the corporate office. Once I understood that better, things make sense.

    I think Tesla maybe needs to better equip their store people to steer them to the 800 number and corporate regarding Model S reservations.

    BTW, I did make a reservation.
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    I wonder why Tesla is opening new stores when they are only meant to sell roadsters? The Roadster will be sold out in two months (in US).
    Surely Tesla is not planning to close all north America stores after that.
    I assume they will focus on Model S. They will need the final prices, the options list, lots of answers, and a few betas to show. All things that we can't wait to get our hands on here in this forum :-)
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    rf Sept 7,2012

    My experience with the sales reps at the Newport Store (Fashion Island) was very positive. I initally met with Nate who was very informative and polite. I gave him my reservation and a a deposit that evening. He called me the following week to schedule a test drive. I met with Kyrstin, the store manager and her assistant. They politely answered all my question afterwhich thay accompanied me on my test drive. I have also contacted the corporate office to get answers to questions and found them very polite and receptive. I guess things have change since those who had experience with the dealership last year. In regards to the test drive, Its an awesome car!!!!!!

    reservation number RN312615
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