Problems with Taleo job application???

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I've been trying to apply to an engineering intern position for weeks now with the Taleo job applicant software. It's downright abysmal, and I'm wondering if others here have had any other problems with it.

I consistently get data loss upon hitting 'Submit,' which is extraordinarily frustrating after having spent so much time filling in the fields and composing a cover letter. I get an error saying it could not find the applicant profile, even though I've applied numerous times before and otherwise have no difficulty logging in, and you cannot recover the info by hitting 'back.'

Data loss like this is a BIG no-no and is totally unacceptable from the front-end. Apparently this is very common with Taleo, who also has a dismal reputation for this software. Considering how common these problems are elsewhere, I would suspect Tesla is losing qualified applicants.

I've called Tesla's Human Resources a number of times about it, and I never once received a response.

As badly as I want to work with Tesla, I'm really frustrated here and don't know what else to do.

Any suggetions?

Derek Schipper


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    Just a tool you might like to help ease the "retyping" hassle: get the Lazarus add-on for Firefox (IE and Chrome also available, but not as feature-rich yet.) Stick with the 2.2 release. Every form or comment field entry etc. is saved (as text), and the file can be searched. Saved for as long as you specify in the Options.
    While I'm on the subject, the Clipmate utility is a marvel. Saves anything and everything you Copy, and the "clips" can be saved in user-defined temp or perm folders. All clips can be edited, and new "blank" ones created for composing repetitive Pastes.
    You'll wonder how you ever surfed without it.
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    I hope Tesla gets some gung-ho software interns. Considering your problems, and the issues with this comment board, somewhere in their offices numerous IT staff are being overpaid.
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    Are you even sure they have "numerous" IT staff. It could be one or two, but admittedly that situation would be rare.
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    Try calling the Tesla store closest to where you live and tell them your story. Maybe they know someone they can call.
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