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    Hi Folks,

    I'm trying to consolidate MA reservation holders into one area for better information sharing and would like to propose that we use the "Massachusetts" topic area, also in the "Other" folder. I've seen many of you scattered across the forum and think we could all benefit from a common meeting area to share information related to local service centers, MA- specific taxes, insurance, etc. I'll post the same invitation in the Massachusetts folder. I would like to bring Massachusetts out of the "Other" folder and establish it directly under clubs for ease of use, but for now let's see if we can reach critical mass. What say you?
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    Hey Robert, this sounds like a plan. I, for one, would love to know and contribute about some of the local credit unions and their loan rates. I haven't had a chance to speak with any yet ... will do that shortly.

    ~ Prash.
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    Anyone notice someone added a pin to Zeemaps with the location of a Tesla Service Center in Watertown? Is this for real or wishful thinking by someone. I haven't found any news regarding a Tesla Service Center opening in MA.

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    Robert22, count me in for The Mass forum. Same Robert as Robert.Boston, per chance?
    Service Center in Watertown looking at October opening per Tesla. hard to believe though. Natick showroom, pending litigation, to open about Nov 1. Also hard to believe. As long as they open within the next few months that'd be awesome.

    So who is first in line for Bay-State Tesla? We should throw that early-adopting-owner a party.

    Issues with which we can help each other (help me keep a list here please):
    1. Credit Union Loans - preferred union/bank?
    2. Model S car insurance - preferred insurer?
    3. Charger installation (company choice, actual charger, configuration).
    4. Snow and ice planning - tires, rims, body armor.
    5. Best first ride: I volunteer Route 2 from Williamstown to Radius Restaurant in Boston. Open to amendment.
    6. Tax credits should anything new come up. Eg: just discovered yesterday there was a 30% credit (up to $1,000)for chargers installed before 12/31/11, even if you didn't have your EV yet. I actually did install the electrical board/breakers/line before then = $$ savings now (three years to claim, double checking on this).
    7. Service issues - the car, the service center.
    8. Charging stations - offer each other across the state charging access via email notification, or thru PlugShare. An idea. Also info re: great public places to charge.
    9. Ski rack planning.

    Please expand the list - I will be working on several of the above and would love your input and to share mine.
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    count me in.
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    Thanks for showing up folks, we may have the beginning of something here! If another local forum for MA owners exists, I'm not aware of it, so forgive me if I'm stepping on toes. I'll dive right in on some of James13's questions:

    1. Pentagon Federal Credit Union is offering 1.49% on 12-60 month loans. I mentioned on the main boards two weeks ago that they were offering 1% on 12-60 month loans but that has disappeared now. It may come back.


    2. I'm with Travelers and was pleasantly surprised to find out that my rate will actually drop 50 bucks/ year after moving from my 2001 Benz to the Model S. I've got a clean record and one other car on my policy as well as a multiline discount. YMMV.

    3. I've configured my car and was told to expect a Nov/ Dec delivery. I live in a condo and if anyone is interested, my experience with charger installation is in another thread on the main board directed at condo owners. In short, my board has allowed me to install equipment if I pay for it. They expect me to use their official condo electrician, but I've asked Solar City to come out and take a look( no charge). Their process was effortless and they provided me with a fixed all-inclusive quote ($1145.00) for a NEMA 14-50 240v 40a outlet and up to 100 feet of wire. They do everything including permitting, and guarantee it will be finished within two visits. I may install the HPWC if I'm going to be paying for the equipment and the board allows it.

    4. I've had 3M autobond (armor) on my Benz since 2001 and it was one of the best decisions I made with this car. The small rocks and debris rally bounce off material and the front of my car remains pristine. The car really looks unbelievably clean for a 2001 and I credit the material. Paint chips really make a vehicle look beat up in my opinion so I'm going with the factory armor. You can do it aftermarket and coat the entire hood instead of just the bra, but 950 is prett reasonable for Metro Boston for the number of pieces. Frankly, I don't want the hassle of leaving the car in the shop right after I get it, and my gut tells me Elon's crew will put this stuff on as close to perfect as is possible. Ties will be 19 inch, again, because they're staying on all year. The 21's look beautiful and I'm sure the car will corner like it's on rails, but I chose to save a few bucks here and avoid the hassle of the seasonal change. If I was younger and had more testosterone, I'd probably be singing a different tune.

    5. Best first ride? Still thinking about that one. A friend once told me he made it to Newport from the 93/ 24 interchange in under an hour :)

    6. Remarkably, I haven't found much in way of perks for MA EV owners. There is a bill stuck in committee proposing to allow EV's access to the HOV lane sponsored by a Weymouth representative ( the bill # escapes me) but I'm not aware of any imminent benefits. You were smart to claim the charger credit before it disappeared. Speaking of taxes, the excise tax is going to be a headache for me. As I've mentioned on other boards, if you take delivery of the car on the last of December you pay the full excise tax for THIS year (almost 3000.00 on this car depending on the list price of the car). That means I'll be getting another tax bill early in 2013 for another 3k! I'm almost ready to push delivery into 2013, but then I will have to wait until 2014 to get my $7500.00 back- unless of of course the current administration decides to pare back or eliminate the credit retroactively. Hey, it could happen, unlikely, but so was the idea of this car actually being built! ;) I could adjust my withholding to grab the tax credit early in 2013 but I'm striving for a simple life. It looks like I'll probably decide to take delivery in 2012, but I reserve the right to change my mind. It still sucks to watch my opportunity console go to the tax man.

    7. Service issues- It looks like there will be a service center in Natick but the location is not firmly established yet. It seems like others can speak more authoritatively to that subject so I will leave it to them. My configuration specialist said that if we get a group together they would probably send a ranger team to add any of the physical accessories that the car may ship without initially. He also kept telling me not to worry about driving to Westchester county NY for service so I trust that something is indeed in the works for MA.

    8. I've downloaded the apps for Plugshare, Recargo, and Chargepoint and have played around with them a little. It looks like it will be smart to grab a Chargepoint card, but again I'm sure others with more information can relate their experiences. For those within range of the Boston Medical Center Parking garage at 710 Albany street in South Boston ( MA ave/ Albany street interchange), two Chargepoint chargers were installed in July. As a condition of installation, electricity will be subsidized by the state for two years (free juice!) and is open to the public. This is right off 93 and might be a perfect spot for top offs for those planning southbound trips. Get your flu shot and blood pressure checked across the street while you wait ;)

    9. Ski racks? Not a clue.

    Sorry for the tome, I'll try to restrain myself in future posts.
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    Robert.Boston is actually another forum member. I think he may have a lower number than I do, as do quite a few other reservation holders that I've encountered on the boards in the past year. Hopefully tney'll wander in the door!

    Also, don't want to exclude future owners from northern New England states. You're welcome here until something better crops up from your own state (and we may need some NH fireworks for our delivery parties ;)

    P413 (would have been 113 but I went to get a cookie)
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    Perhaps I need to work on my marketing skills....
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    Ok Robert here you go. :-)

    I’m #P5941 so I have not determined a few of the issues above. Figured I have plenty of time until delivery.

    1. I’ll be using my HELOC currently at 2.74% and possible trading in my current vehicle. (1997 twin-turbo Toyota Supra)

    2. I mentioned to my Insurance agent I reserved a Model S but he could not provide an estimate w/o a call to Insurance provider to generate a quote. I told him not to bother as my delivery was months away. Figured it would probably change over the next few months.

    3. I’m tempted to install this myself but I will probably hire a local electrician. My electrical box is in the basement but right next to the garage. Should be easy to install and run the wire.

    4. I really like the look of the sport wheels so I will purchase these with the car. I plan to buy four wheels and snow tires for winter driving the following fall. I’ll take a look at Tesla’s tire/wheel options and also check out Tire Racks packages. I’ve swapped tires on the Supra for the last 15 years. It takes me about 40 minutes including cleaning the wheels. Amazing difference BTW, with snow tires it drives like a tank and I have never been stuck.

    I’ve been looking for a new car for several years but never found anything that I felt was better than my Supra. I love this car and hate to give it up, but the Model S is the first car I found that is a worthy successor. It’s fast, sporty, looks fantastic and btw it’s electric! Also looking forward to all the maintenance issues I won’t have to deal with any longer.
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    It sounds like you've got plenty of time to install everything. I'm still waiting to get a consultation visit from Solar City and have since learned their quote may be a little high, perhaps because of the distance from the box. Will need to compare and define the job required to get a better handle on price. Did you see the prototype CCI designed by one of the forum members on the main board? It looks like he might actually put it into production giving us a choice other than Tesla's center accessory. Probably worth keeping an eye on.

    Are you close to Boston? Any further word on a potential Watertown service center?
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    Hey, where are the MA Sigs? Enquiring minds are eager to hear your plans for delivery :)
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    I did take a look at the CCI. I'm probably not going to order one until I've driven the car for a couples months so I can get a better feel of what I think I'm missing w/o the console. I'm sure there will be multiple configurations to choose from by the time I'm ready to purchase.

    I haven't heard anything new on the service center or the store. James13 seems to have the latest updates. I would really like to see the store open before I have to make a decision on the color. I'm thinking about the blue but really want to see it in person before making the decision.

    I live and work in Boxborough. My round trip commute is ~6 miles. I put ~1500 miles per year on my Supra. So even the 40kw version of Model S is overkill for me. What's even crazier is I'm buying the 60kw model mainly for the increased performance. I do expect to put more miles on the Model S as the Supra is useless for running errands etc. because of limited storage. No more borrowing the wife's RAV4. :-)
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    That makes sense to me too. Hopefully by the time I decide which console will fit my needs, there will be a service center in this hemisphere.

    I picked the blue. Never had a chance to get to NY to see it in person, but the posted HD videos told me what I needed to know, I hope.

    Are you expecting a January delivery?
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    I was incorrect in stating that the MA excise tax was not prorated. The tax is not pro-rated for indiivudual months. Therefore if you receive your car in the middle of November you would only pay tax for November and December. I apologize for the misinformation that I received from a DMV representative. I should have confirmed it on the web. Thanks to DickB for bringing it to my attention in another thread.
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    Yes I’ve seen the videos and the Blue looks great. I’m nervous about my monitor’s ability to reproduce the color accurately. I was planning to go to the NY event and even reserved a spot. Then I noticed it wasn’t at the NY store in White Plains but at a Sheraton in NJ. That pushed me over the distance limit I was willing to travel for a test drive. I was hoping I would have another chance for a test drive this fall. Not sure that is going to happen.

    Not sure when to expect delivery as I haven’t received the ‘time to build’ Email yet. The thread tracking the time to build Emails indicated where up to the 5700’s so I’m not too far away. I’m estimating a February delivery based on earlier threads. It really all depends on how well the ramp up proceeds. Anyway, I’ll wait patiently like everyone else and hope all goes well with TM quality and production.
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    Looks like we finally have official confirmation on a "Boston" service center that will be operational in March. Anyone know for sure where it's going to be? That may determine whether or not I shell out the extra cheddar for ranger home service. Let's face it, what would you pay to have required maintenance performed while you're working? Dropping off cars for service and dealing with rentals is a headache. Goodbye ICE vehicle, it will be so not difficult to see you go!
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    I’m not planning on purchasing the service agreement. I spend less the $50 a year on maintenance for the Supra. For the number of miles I drive a year it just doesn’t make sense. I may rethink this once the warranty expires but I plan on paying for service when required. My expectation is the Model S will require less service then an ICE. Now if the $600 included an auto detail I might consider it. :-)

    It’s going to be an interesting experience owning and maintaining the Model S. So many unknowns.
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    I think your approach makes sense now that I've had more time to read the pro and con argument coming off the boards. My most recent experience has been with a 2001 Mercedes S-class which is a money pit. These cars are really a disgrace from a build quality standpoint. I finally had Mercedes replace all four of my doors and roof at their expense because of premature rust as well as other problems that were clearly related to manufacturing shortcuts. Good riddance

    If these cars really ARE built to be terrestrial rocket ships- and Musk keeps using the analogy, then we should be good without the service agreement.
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    Based on GB’s comments it looks like we are stuck with the service plan. Warranty is voided if you don’t pay for annual maintenance. I guess it’s going to cost me an additional $550 per year in auto maintenance to drive the Model S. :-(
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    P10512 Pelham, NH/ N Reading MA
    I was out on business in Denver CO and finally test drove the Model S, No appointment needed. I just dropped in and they squeezed me in on a fairly extensive drive. Brown Performance. Amazing. They said that they just got their test drive car last week and other stores should have a car on hand. These guys were full of information. On helpful bit was that the new store in MA was going to be in Natick launching end of Q1 next year.

    Test Drive Quick Points
    - Performance version = crazy torque. Its like an amusement park ride
    - Corners like its on rails.
    - Interior looked better in person than in pictures. I was concerned originally before seeing it in person
    - Seats are fairly comfortable. Anotehr original concern.
    - touch screen is almost identical to an ipad..same engineers I was told. touch screen keyboard was right out of an ipad.

    I am still glowing like a kid on christmas morning

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    Just received an Email from Tesla. The Natick store is opening next Thursday 9/27! Hopefully they'll offer some test drives.
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    I got the email as well. Just 3 days after being told it would be several more month to open, its here already. I like being wrong.
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    Apparently there will also be a few service centers in MA. There will be one "within 20 minutes" of the Natick store butI wasn't able to find out whether it would be east or west yet.
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    I'm planning on attending the exclusive event on Thursday. I asked about test drives. The Tesla rep. mentioned they will not be hosting test drives during the opening event but will host them soon after the store opens. Can't wait!!
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    How was the event? Did you get a T-shirt? ;)

    It looks like we won't be getting a Boston area supercharger until year four if you believe the map Elon presented.

    I also called and added the second charger because I know there will be times when I'm not patient enough to sit and wait.
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