Fog in headlights

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Has anybody else experienced condensation inside their headlights? Happens after driving at night with lights on and cooler air on outside. Also happens with cold air or water (when washing) on outside of lense (condensation on inside). The dealer is working on a solution. If anyone has any experieince with this I would appreciate to hear how it was addressed. Thanks.


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    It is a well known Roadster problem.
    There is a thread in the Tesla motors club forum on that:
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    Thanks.Just got the car Monday
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    There is a fix for the fogged headlights (which you should see if you follow the thread) -- I had pretty severe fogging and after the fix was applied a few months ago, I haven't seen any fog.
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    Congrats on your car. I'm not sure why this is still happening with new cars but it does. Mine was delivered after the fix came out and still had the condensation in the headlights. After they came to service the car, they must have repeated the fix and it works fine now.

    I guess there may be an official Xenon headlight option that will me made available to current owners down the road from Tesla at a little over $2,000 as well.
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    The Tesla guys pulled the bulbs and blew hot dry air into the headlights for a couple of hours. It almost worked. I have noticed however after a couple weeks in the dry Colorado air that the problem is now gone. definitely want the zenons when they come out. I heard $2200.
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    Tesla did the fix on mine but told me that it was a temp one and that the final permanent fix was still to come.
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    I had the fix done, too, and the problem seems to have resolved. (It was pretty severe.)

    The Xenon headlight upgrade should be available sometime in October. If you want the upgrade (yes, it will be pricey), you should probably let Tesla Service know, so that an upgrade kit is reserved for you. It's possible that the demand may exceed the immediate supply (like with the J1772 adapter).

    I'm getting the upgrade, not because of condensation (though that should be eliminated), but because I'm tired of the wimpy light when night driving.
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