Bluetooth requires Alpine KCE-400BT adaptor

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So my new Roadster Sport has the Alpine IVA-NAV-10 infotainment system. There is a microphone in the dash so I just assumed I would be able to pair my bluetooth phone with the unit - but wait. Manual says I need to buy a KCE-400BT adaptor (Optional). The radio does not see this adaptor in the source - tools section so i am guessing it was not included. But why the microphone? Did I get shorted somehow or is this where everyone else is on this issue as well?


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    The Tesla Roadster Infotainment package includes the KCE-400BT unit or equivalent. At least my Roadster 2.5 pairs with my iPhone 3GS over Bluetooth and can play music or answer calls with the phone in my pocket.

    In your case, maybe a wire came loose from the back of the head unit (your Tesla service warranty will fix this) or perhaps you've not successfully paired your phone with the Alpine. I usually have to enter a Bluetooth menu in my iPhone to accomplish this, although other people online say that they handle the pairing in one of the Alpine menus.
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    Thanks. I finally figured out how to get to the bluetooth menu. Not intuitive. Start car, release brake, back up and go forward then put in park. Bingo! bluetooth menu appears. Works good now. Starting to get out of my rookie mode after 3 weeks with the car. I like the car a lot! You are right about the volume on the radio. Like a yoyo. Very annoying but a small annoyance ok with the balance of the car performning as expected.
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