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Thank You Elon, & the Entire Tesla Motors Staff

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The October 1st & 2nd Factory Event was a monumental accomplishment. We sincerely appreciate Tesla opening it's doors and welcoming in both old and new customers to tour your beautiful factory. We also appreciate the opportunity to "Ride A Unicorn" (as Elon put it). The Model S represents a huge milestone for the automotive industry. We anxiously look forward to taking delivery of our Model S in 2012.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Elon and the Entire Tesla Motors Staff.

Signed (Screen name & Location)


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    Just soaking it all in. Beautiful Car (Model S), Awesome Factory, great people at Tesla Motors. Sincere thanks!

    David M. (FL & CA)
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    I didn't attend, but spent hours at my computer taking the whole thing in (near) real-time via twitter, Google+,, and YouTube, so I feel justified in signing my name to the above as well.

    MTriantafelow (Raleigh, NC)
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    Thanks for allowing us to attend this wonderful event. I loved every aspect - and spent over $200 in the store to provide memories for those in the family who could not attend. But, in the future we will all look back and tell how we went to the very first Tesla factory "way back in 2011" and Elon Musk actually came out and talked to everyone! Hats off to Blankenship for a snafu free event!

    Great to see the jazzed employees - just like a classic silicon valley startup.
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    Totally agreed with the above and a great idea to set up this thank you thread.

    It was an amazing event and such a great idea to let the reservation holders in your "house" and give everyone a chance to talk with the Tesla staff who were amazing. An incredible energy feel in this company which was very noticable while talking with the employees as well as current roadster owners at the event.
  • mwumwu
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    I also didn't attend, but very much enjoyed seeing the design studio and all of the media posted by people who did attend. Thank you for allowing those people to take pictures and video!

    mwu, Durham, NC (MTriantafelow -- you're nearby... good to see others interested in the area!)
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    I'd like to echo David M.'s comments. Thanks! I had a blast and I can't wait for the car to arrive!
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    Just wanted to echo the thank you's - we had an amazing visit and was very impressed with the passion and attention to detail being paid on this gorgeous car.
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    Thank you from Washington State. My wife and I attended and it was a first class event. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet so many people involved in the engineering and manufacturing of my car.

    I hope Tesla has a signature page at the back of my owners manual.
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    I am in Wake Forest! You'd be surprised how many EV fans come out of the woodwork around here. Well, at least I was.
  • mwumwu
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    @stAtrill, Awesome, I hope Tesla opens a store in the Raleigh-Durham area... I think the closest one is in DC -- a place I try to avoid due to traffic.
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    Thank you! My wife and I enjoyed the event. The high points: Tesla employees, Test Ride, Factory Tour, and Elon. The Busch Famliy -Texas
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    Loved the tour! Every detail of the event was first class! From first hello to final goodbye, the attention to detail was apparent. Everyone from Tesla seemed genuinely happy and enthusiastic to welcome us into their new "home". My compliments to Elon and everyone who planned and produced this amazing "experience".

    Hurry up 2012... I want to drive my Tesla!

    Mark (P153)
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    The factory floor was spotless and reminded me of a wafer fab plant with gleaming white floors and those fire engine red robots really brought out the kid in just about everyone there as I saw several folks staring for minutes on end.

    We also had a great time and were quite surprised when the guys jockeying the beta ride offered to allow my 2 year old to ride in the jump seats. I nearly forced him in there, but he'll get his chance shortly since my feeling is that those amazing people that work at Tesla will make it happen soon enough.

    Huge kudos to our tour guides for answering all of my stupid questions and allowing my son to see "More Robots Daddy!" as he would say.

    Also, he absolutely loves the plastic Model S shells that were handed out when we left.

    I love knowing that my son will grow up with the Model S, thank you Tesla!
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    Thanks Elon and all Tesla staff for a memorable evening. Certainly above and beyond the call of duty and very much appreciated. Robots with lasers; how cool is that?! My wife has warmed up to the idea of this purchase since the event (happy wife=happy life) and is spreading the word via her Facebook page. Look forward to receiving my Model S next year!

    Brant Harradine
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    Could not have imagined a more enjoyable event! The most cordial and enthusiastic staff, incredible facility and over the top venue. The "party" was done to the 9's, the "joy ride" was more fun then a roller coaster ride and the catering was exquisite! The Tesla S is nothing short of a masterpiece of innovation and technology, I fell privileged to be a "member of the Tesla Family". Vancouver, Canada
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    Agreed. Thank you to all of the Tesla staff. It was an incredible experience. Special thanks to Peter Rawlinson for his in depth conversation on the frame's stiffness (I'm an engineer and appreciated diving into the details) just before the Beta Ride, and to Emily Ritter for helping us get oriented upon arrival.

    All around great event! Cheers,

    Erik and Chandler (Alameda, CA)
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