Nissan Produces Capacior With A 10 Minute Charge!

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Where are the nay sayers from this message board? Check out the link.


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    Correction - Capacitor
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    Where is the news in that? A123 batteries can be charged under five minutes giving enough power. You still need that power (voltage times amps).

    10 minutes in Nissan Leaf equals 45 minutes in Model S. Tesla is about decade ahead of Nissan apparently.
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    And as I think Brian already mentioned, right now the limitation is more in the power supply and cables than in the batteries (or capacitors).
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    I think they use LiFePO4 batterys (lithium iron phosphate). It can charge to over 90 % in less than 10 minutes. The last 10 % take several hours, because of the heat the batterys generate.
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