Then versus Now

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I’m sure Elon must have had a bit of satisfaction when posting on the big screen the comments from 10 years ago versus the comments today concerning EV’s.
Let’s see what the next 10 years bring. Hopefully we’ll see incredible advances (solution to those in apartments, at work, etc.....)
We may see some big companies go under, we may see some new ones emerge.
It’s been a tough 10 yrs for Elon, gotta give the man credit for not giving up(which he could’ve done many times),especially with an entire industry and media against his mission.
I think I saw a bit of excitement in him talking about the GF/Assembly factory in China.
I think he is super happy with the construction work being done at warp speed. I see that same warp speed continuing with the entire project. Elon likes warp speed.
So, Thank you Elon for keeping the faith, keeping the mission alive through the last tough ten years.
Stay the course !
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