Understanding Distances

I am in the early stages of looking at a Tesla and I do travel to locations where there has a potential of traffic. How does this affect the distances as I know I am able to plan my route but what if there is traffic on the route? How does one account for this?


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    What are you talking about? What specifically are you looking to see is taken into "account". What does traffic have to do with anything.
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    You seem to be concerned that you will run out of power if you encounter traffic. Driving faster uses more power than driving slowly. The motor doesn't use power when it is stopped. Some power is consumed by the electronics even when the car is stopped, and heating and air conditioning consume power too. In my experience, traffic is not an issue. If you use the car to navigate then it will determine where to Supercharge and also avoid traffic if you set the option to let it.

    Winter weather driving uses more power than summer driving so you have to make allowances. If you plan long trips in snowy weather with well below freezing temperatures then you might want to reserve 30% of battery capacity as a contingency.
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    If you are stopped, then the amount of power used is actually quite low. Remember there is no engine consuming gasoline constantly while idling.

    Also as Roger1 says, the faster you go, the more power you use per mile (just like a gasoline car), but the difference is that when you are stopped, you use very little power.
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